Monday, January 26, 2009

Why Warhammer?

Ever since I came across the concept of PVP in an MMO I have been intrigued by it if not convinced about the pleasures.

In Everquest I viewed it as a waste of time and remained sceptical. I was not adverse to playing against others player rather than a AI but I thought it was better left to the FPS and RTS genre.

My epiphany happened the day they patched PvP into World of Warcraft. I was lvl 55 or so and a friend who was a mage was saying in guild chat that there was fun to be had at the crossroads. I wasn’t up to much so I flew down expecting not to enjoy myself at all. I logged out 8 hours later exhilarated. The random chaos the back and forth play, the one shotting of casters as the drank (I was a rogue) the being zerged made for a new type of gaming experience.. I loved PvP from the moment I tried it and I still love it.

For me Warhammer brings even more to the table. In enjoy solo play but an MMO doesn’t come into its own until you are grouped. Working with others and winning with others is what keeps me coming back to this game.

I can enjoy a nice one on one fight. I had a twenty minute duel with and Ironbreaker recently that we both walked away from on full health which I enjoyed.

However my favourite moments in Warhammer have been in Open RvR with a group or 2 or indeed a Warband.

With one group you can set ambushes, killing the stragglers as they make their may to a Keep.

With two groups you can fly from a non RvR area to quickly take a Battlefield objective, hoping that your speed will have caught the defenders while they are distracted. You can hold your ground nervously watching the timer and play out of your skin to slow the hordes as they overwhelm you, praying for one last attack to knock them back from a recapture.

With a warband you can hold that last keep in the zone, arraying your tanks to block the enemies approach, as your healers sweat and swear and you dps shout out “the numbers, the numbers” in a semi orgasmic chant. Holding your foe at bay knowing at any minute it could all fall apart and they will wash over you to the tasty squishes behind.

With multiple warbands you can tilt at zones. You can work with you alliance. You can sit on the walls of a keep organising groups of defenders in key areas, check on allies farming PQ’s for precious victory points. You can send in your crack squads armed to the teeth (and with teeth) to crush the opposition in Scenarios. You can spend all your time cajoling and prodding while you barely move yourself.

From 1v1 to whole alliances taking on a zone lock, PvP in Warhammer has a much to offer you if your willing to grasp it.

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