Monday, January 26, 2009

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Well worth a read.

I thought this was particularly insighful.

And as strange as it sounds to have "Blizzard" and "rushed" in the same sentence, Wrath of the Lich King is still obviously missing some development time. If you look at the expansion critically, you'll find that Blizzard shipped it without any major new raid dungeon. There are a few one-boss dungeons, and one raid dungeon recycled from 2 years ago, and that is it. How hard raid content is doesn't matter as much as how much there is of it. The current version of World of Warcraft also has obvious big problems with class balance. And I'm not talking about subjective feelings of underpowered classes, but of facts of classes being boosted in one patch, just to be "nerfed to the ground" in the next. Several classes have seen their power level yoyo all over the place.

So many games, Warhammer included have suffered froma rush to the market. Take your time prelaunch to get it right and after launch fix the remaining pieces as fast as you can. The MMO customer wants your product, treat them with respect.

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