Friday, January 30, 2009

The latest news from Mythic: looking promising

The Choppa

Will we see a lot of Black Orcs rerolling?
Will we see players come back to try out the class they wanted to play at launch?

The Slayer

One of my favourite classes in tabletop and fantasy role play. I think this will give Order a small bounce in numbers.

Who is going to play hardcore and reroll ever time your Slayer dies?

The Call to Arms:

This looks like it has potential but at moment I would like to see a timetable for fixes to problems we have at the moment.

Top 3 issues for me:

Zone Domination
Class fixes
Resist stacking

The Night of Murder:

Our third event, lets see what mythic have learnt, I found the previous events amusing. I prefer useful rewards rather than fun rewards but just as many people like a new talisman or title. Will have to learn more.

Bitter Rivals

Ignore what I said above they just got me interested in and event.
New siege weapons and a class unlock. I am looking forward to it

This is what Mark Jacobs had to say.

I think these are fair points he makes and Mythic should get some credit.

This "Call to Arms" expansion arc represents a large amount of content that will be spread out over a few months. When you factor in all the content that will be added as part of this arc, it certainly makes it one of the largest subscription-based content upgrades/addons done by any MMO developer.

Once the Choppa/Slayer go LIVE, we will have added four careers to the game over the first 6 months of its life, and at no additional charge to our players. No other subscription-based MMORPG that I am aware of has ever added 4 new careers to its game as part of a regular update/addon/free expansion.

... as for the Tomb Kings and the RvR dungeon, I think it is very safe
to say that DAoC's Darkness Falls was one of the most successful addons to the
game. Over the last few months we've gotten a ton of feedback and requests (once
again, here on the Vault) asking us to create a next-generation DF, and we are
in the process of doing just that. So, if you liked DF, then this zone/dungeon
we are creating is right up your alley. It is truly the spiritual successor to
DF and I expect that when you see where we're going with it, you'll like it a

1) Bug fixing - Correcting bugs, even little ones, is still a priority for us. The list of bug fixes in the next couple of patches is lengthy and we will continue to hot fix bugs on an ongoing basis. The team has been working on everything from small bugs (tooltips) to larger issues.

2) RvR code fixes - Over the last two weeks, the number of Fortress crashes have shrunk down to a total of one per week total across all servers. The number of Fortress takes/sieges has also increased every week and it is safe to say that things are better than ever in this aspect of the game so I can happily steal a line from The Princess Bride and say "Have fun storming the castle!" even now. Work will continue until those crashes go down to zero. Once that happens, we can look at increasing the hard cap.

3) RvR changes/improvements. - This is a rather lengthy list which includes a new scenario, changes to the Zone control system, lots of Keep Upgrades (this is only our first pass at it), oRvR events and additional rewards for Zone and Campaign captures.

4) Career balancing - Lots and lots of changes/fixes in this next patch across all careers. As I mentioned in one of my posts, I was going through the preliminary bug fixes/balance changes patch notes and after reading through 15+ pages of them, it’s safe to say that the C&C team has been rather busy lately. We know how important balancing the careers of an MMO is to the players and that’s why the team has put so much effort into it to date and will continue to do so going forward. Every career has gotten some attention from the team in 1.2 whether it is fixing bugs or balancing their abilities. The team has paid particular attention to crowd control abilities and will continue to do so with 1.3.

5) Changes to "quality of WAR" such as new armor and mount color diversity for high-level guilds, flight masters added to every zone that doesn't have one, ability to attach multiple items to mail system, improvements to the Guild and Warband UI, and improvements to our Guild Reward systems.

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