Thursday, January 22, 2009

Second class citizens

It has become rather fashionable on EU servers to blame GOA for all the problems of this game. The vast majority of our issues are not with GOA but with Mythic but players do not make the differnetiation. Class Balance and game play issues are solely their responsibility and are often misleadingly left at GOA’s door.

After copious reading of forums, and Warhammer sites a slow realisation came across me. The EU player base is not important to Mythic and Mythic do not listen to feedback from GOA.If we look back at the premature announcement of the fixing at all crashes on EU servers or indeed Mark Jacob’s recent Birthday clip (where he doesn’t have a notion which EU servers are having issues) it becomes pretty obvious.The EU player base is easily as large as the US yet Mythic’s responses are tailored toward the US.On these forums, you notice Magnus of GOA taking the time to reply on a number of topics. I wonder when he communicates these concerns to Mythic whether they get a fair hearing.It is not unreasonable to come to the conclusion that Mythic are ignoring the feedback they get from GOA. I have come across players who have run into difficulties because they use non US characters in their names, Mythic seem to have forgotten the existence of umlats and accents. This is one small example but it illustrates that Mythic are nor actively considering the EU in their planning processes

My question is

Do Mythic pay any attention to their EU customers or indeed to GOA (is there any evidence that they do)?I am aware that it is fashionable to be disparaging to WOW but amongst its strengths is the fact is you did not feel that the EU player base is of a lesser importance to other regions.

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