Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Repentant Elitist

Are you the guy that farms content over and over so that your guild mates get their set pieces? I have been lucky and completed my sentinel set weeks ago. Since then I have run Bloodwrough and a Bilerot every cooldown (Other than on Christmas Day). Our bank overflows with Sentinel belts and everyone is getting gear with a large number of us in full sentinel. There are still new level 40’s to get gear for but the city dungeons are an easy farm for us.

We have moved on to Lost Vale. As it can be a pain in the ass to master we decided to take 2 groups who would learn it by playing together so that the experience could be used to get others through. Over the last few weeks we have done this and now we 12 players who are comfortable with the fights. The guild has another 6 to 8 players that are curious about Lost Vale and would like to give it ago.

We decided to try for 3 groups on the coming Sunday to allow some other guild mates to get a taste. We were going to break up the 2 original groups and sprinkle the classes and experience across the 3 groups and then add in the players who were ready for the instance but had not yet got the opportunity.

Then it seems things exploded. A guild member quit( excellent player and nice guy)It seems one of the groups doesn’t want to break up. Now in fairness they have had little luck in drops and I can see where their coming from, they have just mastered the instance.

However, we have other players who were promised that they would get a chance and as we prepared to give them that chance it is being taken away from them. We are also in a guild which for a long time parroted against any form of elitism. Unfortunately some of those that spoke out against elitism are now the ones who want to leave others behind.

I am left in a difficult situation as by nature I am an elitist. I prefer to play with the best players in the best gear. I have played in guilds that lived and died by the dps metre I subjugated this inclination as that’s what the guild wanted and I could bend to that will. I have done city raids with all classes and all players including those in greens (my personally favourite 3 Blorcs, WE, Shaman and Zealot in Bilerot).

However I am not a hypocrite and I can’t abide pretending that a 2 tier guild is anything other than a 2 tier guild. If people wish to change to a more elitist structure I can be comfortable with that once it’s done above board. Let tell people that they are reserves for Lost Vale or that as people level they can put together their own group.

If we go down that line openly at least we treat people with respect. It would also allow us to try a few other things.

Premade groups designed to farm scenarios could be kept to the more geared players, at present we take anyone from any class with a guild tag.
We could introduce dps/healing meters and prioritise places in groups based on performance.
Warband slots on alliance ORvR raids could be managed to get the best geared players in rather than taking anyone who is a member.

It would be a change in mindset and ethos for the guild but it would be above board. Asd I see the one thing worse than being a second class citizen is not knowing you’re a second class citizen.

A change to a more elitist structure would bring me great benefits personally; I would continue in a successful Lost Vale group and equip myself fully in a few weeks. I could create a premade scenario group with people geared and specced specifically to farm renown. I could balance warbands so that they are more powerful instruments. I could step back from farming dungeons I have no interest in.

And there lays my problem, I am an elitist by nature and allowing one of our groups to change the ethos of our guild would benefit me and my gaming experience but all of a sudden I find myself not wanting to exclude others.

Maybe I have been contaminated.

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