Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Being proactive with guard

Over at Breakfast at War Pancakez makes some very good points about tanking. One thing that wasn’t highlighted is the proactive use of Save da Runts. I usually run with my healers runted in open rvr and scenarios until we are engaged.

Yesterday one of my Bikini clad followers lets a shout out that he was being ganked. We ran towards him to find a tank on him and a warrior priest and his health down to 25%. A switch of guard to him from the healer followed by a Challenge that got both enemies in the cone and then a root allowed the healer enough time to land the kill saving heal and turn the fight in our favour.

Don’t be afraid to switch guard a lot. Do remember its only group members you can help in this way. If your buddy is in trouble get within 30 feet, guard him, challenge his attackers, use a Level 3 morale to reduce incoming damage (I find quit your squabbling the lvl 1 morale a good ghetto save). Now drop a root and let him run for the hills. This is one of those times that a knockback is a good idea. Some of those attackers will switch to you.

If the fight is going the other way with your on the offensive with your healer sitting back unmolested, switch guard to the dps beside you, he will love you for it. If you are on the same enemy player, stick to your buff-debuff role and let him do the damage. A Blorc doing this can really soften up a target for the dps classes. Slow the enemy, set back his timers, silence him, reduce his damage, reduce his weaponskill, drain his AP, strip his armour, root him, and reduce his strength. These may not give you big numbers and will mostly go unnoticed but you’re taking one for the team. The beauty of this is it’s a style of play you can use when your renown and Career choices are directed towards survivability.

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  1. In my post I was more concerned about tanks who don't use Guard at all, or leave it on out of range healers. I'd definitely agree that it's a great idea to use it on people taking fire, rather than just your assist, or pocket healer. Very well put.