Monday, January 26, 2009

Da Toughest

I have been lucky in most MMOs that I have played that my first character has been the one I have fallen in love with. I tend to research classes carefully before rolling.

In Warhammer I wanted to go back to Tanking and as I have always enjoyed green skin humour a Black Orc was an obvious choice.

As I was guilded I made a conscious decision to build him for survivability and as an unapologetic min/maxer I am always looking for the optimum build that will allow my healers to keep me up as long as possible.

At the moment I spend about half my time in PVE content tanking Lost Vale and the city dungeons. I have been looking for a spec that I can stick with for RvR ( I am bankrupt in yet another game)

At the moment I have gone for the following builds



The logic behind this is to give me as the essential PVE tanking skills from Da Toughest tree (combined with the buffs to the associated skills) and to have a selection of other attacks to harass healers and DPS.

I find that the build shines in PvE and in mass RvR and with some changes in gear I can be a pain in the ass in a scenario too.

I have been taking Weaponskill as it increases parry for a PvE environment and increases armour penetration in a PvP environment( not that the benefits are exclusive to either)

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