Monday, January 26, 2009

Black Orc the issues

Shameless cut and paste from my thread.

1. Our Shield from Rock Ard applies before mitigation not after, if this is working as intended the shield needs to be strenghtened.

2. The range on Big Swing and Big Slash is too short

3. Our AP Regen Shout Get 'Em doesnt work in combat

4. Can't Hit me--animation and cast bar doesn't shut off unless manually turned off. If you are disabled, interrupted, or AP runs out, it continues to animate and the cast bar continues to drain, but the ability effects do not continue.

5. The 'Plan' mechanic: it's only has drawbacks and gives no clear advantage. Second and third attacks in the attack chain should be more powerful or give some sort of bonus for coming later in the chain.

6. The 'Plan' mechanic + CC: 3 out of 4 CC abilities are on either the second or third attack in an attack chain, our root being the only exception. meaning a BO has to hit an enemy at least twice before ithe CC is applied. Being a melee class plus people running all over the place plus all sorts of lag makes this a serious problem.

7. Big Swing + Big Brawling: neither the attack itself nor the tactic for works properly. The AoE range is too small and the snare proc is utterly unreliable.

8. Big Slash: the knockback distance is too small when compared to other classes.

9. Itemisation: specifically the rarity of 2h weapons pre rank 40ish and the lack of any RvR 2h weapons. This has been fixed somewhat with the introduction of the RvR influence rewards, but still a BO has very few 2h weapons available during lvling. The fact that there were only 2 graphic skins (pre RvR influence) for 2h weapons doesn't help, but is less issue for me.

10. A number of our "Best Plan" attacks cost AP (eg. Down Ya Go, Shut Yer Face). Having an AP cost for these attacks removes the tiny benefit we get from our class mechanic.

11. The Gork Smash! tactic only applies its crit bonus to the first hit of T'ree Hit Combo. The rest of the hits occur in a "no plan" state. I haven't tested this for the last month and a half or so, so this may have changed. I'll parse my combat log tonight to check.

12. We have a couple abilities/tactics that appear to be remnants of the beta process and need review, especially when you consider their placement in our mastery trees:
Down Ya Go which is our *only* knockdown requires a two handed weapon, ap (see first point), a snare (for 100% success), and a Best Plan state, on top of the mastery points required to buy the ability. Remove the snare/ap requirement or the 2h requirement to make it a bit... friendlier.
Mor Hardcore, I don't think anyone would bother slotting this tactic right now. It should really grant a knockdown effect instead of knockback to the related abilities (similar to the IB tactic Punishing Knock) or be changed to completely different effect if a knockdown is imbalanced.
Walk it off (Rank 3 Morale - 120 toughness to your group for 15 seconds) one of the worst morale abilities I've ever seen, especially since its a Rank 3 morale ability. This one I've yet to purchase from the trainer.

13: Server lag, basicly nullify all our melee attacks due to improper placement of enemies combined with low range.

14: Juggernaught not working on some roots/snare effects, and why does it remove silence?

15: Once serverlag is gone, recheck abilities not being able to land, i assume alot of the BO current problems are related to the lag.

16. An Bestest should have its ranged increased to 65ft.

17. An Bestest (since last patch) no longer seems to apply the Stamina stat to your stats.

18. Guard should be applicable to targets within a War Band, not just a group.

19. our group buffing is compared to the other tanks

20. The need to incorporate a system like planb into the game to sitch action bars as we move through stances.

21. The Armour proc on Da Greenest is a worthless 24.

22. issues with animations not completing and stoping halfway through makes my game feel sticky because i stuck in that position untill i hit something else

23. Only BO ave useless tactic - fer Shut yer face, which reducin cd o'dis one BUT in case o'game mechanic wiv 10sec immune... itz not workin. Most o'da squishyz already silenced once, so no point to tell "yer snotling, use on uvva targetz

24. The renown Talents taht increase resist stats are not working beyonf the first purchase.

25. trip em up should lead to da gud plan, not to da best plan

26. Blorcs need a knockdown usuable with a shield

27. the top half of the Da Boss tree needs to reworked to make it worth while spec'ing into, it seems 90% of all Black Orcs are Brawler or Toughest spec with the lower section of the Boss tree acting as a utility buffer, I'd like to see three viable trees rather than two and a half.

28. i would love if Challenge became an AE taunt with like 20foot range rather then a frontal taunt since i find if mobs are slightly off to 1 side you can miss them when trying to round them

Tank class general issues: (I'm assuming all tanks suffer form these)

1. RvR as a tank: There is a penalty for fulfilling the job of a tank in RvR. Players get renown/xp for doing damage or healing those that did damage. Blocking, taking damage, and other archetypal tank actions gives 0 renown.

2. Protecting allies: there's no good way to protect allies. Guard helps a little, but a tank really has no effective way of peeling an enemy of their allies.

3. Defensive specced tanks are unpowered in ORVR other than in tank walls in keeps(where they shine) elsewhere they need some buffs

TacticsKeep It Goin'! (Brawler) - This is a remnant of beta when Big Slash didn't have a knockback effect. More damage and less AP is good in theory, but in reality because Big Slash is now a knockback its use is situational and we don't gain much by equipping this tactic. By rights this tactic should enhance the knockback portion of the ability; take the Ironbreaker's Powered Etchings tactic as an example and make this tactic add a snare component to the knockback and/or increase it's knockback distance.

An Bestest! (Brawler) - Good tactic for PvE, but needs a boost in range to be worth slotting regularly in PvP
.Stop Hittin' Da Runts(Toughest) - This tactic isn't worth using... ever. I like the idea of enhancing our guard, but this tactic would be better off increasing the range of our guard or giving our guarded runt a buff (armor bonus or damage return?)
Mor' Hardcore (Toughest) - Another tactic that isn't worth using. There is really no question about it - this tactic should add a knockdown effect to the related abilities and not a knock back.

No Choppin' Me (Boss) - Weapon Skill isn't a useful enough stat to justify slotting this; especially when just one application of Wot Armor? on a target will provide more benefit and not use up a tactic slot.
In my opinion this tactic position in the mastery tree should be occupied by something that improves Da Big'un or allows you to buff a groupmate with Rock 'Ard.Lookin' For Opp'tunity

(Class) - Most BOs won't recognize this tactic because it is probably still sitting on the class trainer waiting to be purchased. This tactic simply is not good enough to justify using Clobber in PvP, and the tactic has no effect in PvE. If it must stay as a buff to Clobber then have the tactic add an initiative buff or flat -crit buff.

AbilitiesDown Ya Go (Brawler) - AP cost and snare requirement have to go.Trip 'Em Up (Brawler) - I would love this to be a "no plan" attack to allow us to more effectively snare an opponent who is running.We'z Bigger (Boss) - Good group buff (really the only one in this, our buff tree), but needs to have it's range extended

.WAAAAAAAGH! (Boss) - I'm not entire sure how Mythic can justify giving Black Orcs Waagh! and Ironbreakers Earthshatter (and earlier in their mastery tree). Raise the damage on Waagh significantly and add a snare debuff and I would happily spec into "Da Boss". As it stands right now, once disorient gets nerfed there will be no reason to touch this mastery line at all.

Da Greenest (Boss) - Now that roots break fairly regularly on damage this war bellow has left my action bar. The amount of resist it grants doesn't make much impact and the entire ability should be reevaluated.Morale Abilities

Walk it off! (Morale 3) - 120 toughness to your group for 15 seconds... really? Compare that to the other tank's racial Morale 3's:Blackguard - Armor Of Eternal ServitudeChosen - Sprout CarapaceIronbreaker - Gromril PlatingKotBS - Emperor's ChampionSwordmaster - BladeshieldGeneral

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