Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Karak Izor server tranfers

In Order to kill two birds with one stone I thought I might say something about the Server transfers from Karak Izor.

Firstly browsing the forums for Karak Izor I see people are taking a great deal of time to carefully gather information so that they can make the correct decision about their destination. This strikes me as a greatly positive indicator for the life span of Warhammer. We have people who are obviously enjoying the game and want to ensure that enjoyment is not diluted.Noone is interested in easy mode play and as such balance is a key issue. Useful data on which servers need which faction have been provided.

Beyond this we have groups of guilds looking to transfer in mass without unbalancing the game play. This is the way such things should be handled and I applaud it (Cant find a clappy emote)

I have a vested interest in this saga as my server Karak Hirn is a possible destination server. But in the interests of fairness I will attempt to provide an impartial impression of Karak Hirn.

In terms of population Order are slightly outnumbered, War analytics gives a ratio of about 1.27 to 1.(tier 4) Recent census takes by players on either side indicate it is a closer with a ratio 1.03. to 1. Examples of both can be found on the Karak Hirn forums.

On any given day either side can be in the ascendancy and on some days we have large scale encounters with both sides well represented. This is not to say that on any given day in any given zone you will not be rolfstomoped by a zerg of either hue.

In destruction where I play there are 2 active alliances, both with slots available for non alliance guilds. On days that we attempt locks there is cooperation and pretty decent support for those trying to coordinate matters. Adding another alliance into this fold should not be an issue. As a destruction I find the order to be organised, there are a number of competent leaders who coordinate regularly and are successful.

In terms of game play I have had no issues with lag at keep sieges in the last weeks or so. On Friday (I believe) I attended a fort attack and a fort defence and game performance was excellent. I do have a decent machine though so cannot speak for low specs.

The community on Hirn is vibrant with good give and take and for the most part respect on both sides. I would wager that the community elements of Karak Izor would prosper and not be consumed.

I believe Karak Hirn has great potential as a server and as this game prospers as I believe it will so will the server.

Krak Hirn would benefit from a balanced influx of players but make your decisions based on all the available data and where ever you play enjoy yourself.

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