Monday, January 26, 2009

Evercrack and all that Jazz

With all blogs they recommend you write a profile of your self to give a little background.

My first foray into MMOs was Everquest. It started with me looking over a friends shoulder as he wander through Kelethin (He was lost, again). The graphics were appalling but there was something about the scale of the place that was enticing.

I bought the game and various expansions and started to play (on dial-up). I still remember my Level 1 Paladin making his way out of the Dwarf capital. Little did I know that I would be playing the game for 3 years, 65 levels and 70 odd AA.

While it was the scale of the MMO genre that sold me on it initially it was the social interaction and community that kept me playing (and still keeps me playing MMO’s).

Finding a group to grind out a camp or kill Emperor Crush, Joining a guild, raiding NTOV are all milestones in my MMO experience. As I type this I have just MSNed a a guy I first met on EQ 7 years ago. We would grind in the caverns on Luclin while he fed the baby. Now he has 2 more and his wife plays( She still has active account Everquest account)

I gradually grew tired with Everquest and dabbled in a lot of other MMO’s, I didn’t find the combination of emersion and community that I wanted until World of Warcraft. I don’t regret a day played in Wow which is arguably tone of the best computer game of all time ( if such comparison can be made)

As I tired of WoW I was pleased to see Age of Conan and Warhammer on the hozizon. Age of Conan and its failures are well documented elsewhere, its greatest failure for me was that I could have been the best MMO out there had they had the courage of their convictions and waited a year.

So here I am in Warhammer. It certainly has the immersion and the community is developing. Launching so close to Wrath of the Lich King has hurt it but I am optimistic.

No MMO is a finished product on launch and Mythic have been working on their game and do seem to be continuing in this vein. I will be interested to see it looks and feels 6 months into its life. It flawed but its still fun and once there is a willingness to fix it that is backed up by actual fixes it can become a success.

In the hope that it does grow, I will endeavour to try and blog around it.

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