Monday, February 9, 2009

That Elusive Fortress Take

In the last few weeks I have found myself trying to organise the unruly masses for a Fortress take. Our best effort so far was the Lord in the Elf Tier to 10%.

I have come up with a few tips (pretty obvious) for those of you who would like to do the same. There is nothing earth shattering here but they may help.

1. Use CAPS, some people don’t like them but it catches the eye
2. Use channel 2, It saves you annoying people in channel one, region chat.
3. Have able deputies who can and will support you in public channels
4. Let someone else lead the Warband you are in. It is hard enough to run a raid; you don’t need to be worrying about group management.
5. Warn people well in advance what you’re going to do. Let them know the tactic well in advance.
6. Repeat yourself, repeat yourself
7. Where possible be nice to people.
8. Explain to each class type their exact role, have a reliable rep from that class confirm what the best strategy for them is. Tanks should know where they are going, Melee DPS too, Ranged DPS should know their role and when to commence bombardment, healers should know their placement.
9. Use a count down, start on 3 minutes and go 10 9 8 ....2 1 GO
10 Stick as closely to the same approach on each keep(tweak for improvements) This gets everyone into a habit.
11. Thank everyone afterwards, emphasise the positives
12. The more Fortress attempts you run, the more people will be familiar with you and therefore the more likely they will listen to you.

Trying to organise a mass attack can be frustrating and tiring but it can also be very rewarding. Don’t try and do it when you’re tired, hungry or cranky

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  1. Seems a lot like organizing and running an old school Hamidon Raid in City of Heroes. It's was always a chore trying to coordinate 250+ players to fight effectively as a group.

    It was, however, fun being the sole tank against a foe who's only attack is two-shotting AoE.