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The Squig Herder is a person in your neighbourhood.

I asked a Guildy for some information on the Squigherder class as he plays it well and is involved in a few discussion threads on the class. Thanks to Nublet for the following.

Why did you write about the squig herder?
The Squig Herder section on the Warhammer alliance forums felt a bit like a synopsis of the class with a lot of players asking questions relating to endgame, game play mechanics, specs, leveling ideas, tactics vs order classes, shot rotation, mastery points, renown points you name it. Seeing countless different topics relating to this class I decided it was time to share my knowledge and experience of the class with my fellow Herders. This link will take you direct to my post titled "Squig Herder - My experience"

As I have played the game through its closed beta, open beta stages I have learned alot about the game mechanics thus far and how these relate to the Squig Herder. Many players who have posted on the Squig Herder forums of Warhammer alliance have explained that they are having difficulties in tier 2/3 and asked what endgame was like. I felt that as this class in my opinion is underplayed I would post some information for discussion from an informative view to give hope to those who were finding it hard. I have had a lot of positive feedback on the thread started by myself with several very good Squig Herder players sharing their knowledge.

What is attractive about the class?
The best thing about this class is its a gobbo! Sneaky little gobbo to be precise, we have an awesome selection of abilities which really make for some sneaky attacks on unsuspecting order players. The ranged classes of this game really do have the upper hand... that is until we are engaged in melee.. wait what was that... sneaky Witch Hunter on my ass?! Squig armour time - we get gobbled up by our trusty squig to return the favour of the melee damage!

What are the top 5 most enjoyable things about the class?
1. Annimations - specifically - Dont Hit Me, goblin soils himself in a cowering gesture - makes me chuckle every time.
2. Squigs - although slightly gimped once these receive the fix they deserve expect alot more squigs on the battlefield. The different buffs each squig provide make each battle interesting.
3. Squig Armour - As mentioned above, this is awesome fun and yes it does need a fix!
4. Small Character - feel for the little guy eh!
5. The Damage Per Second (DPS) - they can spec to have extremelly potent single target dps, or an increadible Area of Effect (AoE) which you can cast while running!

What needs to be fixed?
1. Squig Armour - Instant cast, 10sec cooldown. This is really our only choice when melee closes the ground between us and them, with it currently being on a cast time with a reuse time of 60seconds it makes us a sitting squig for melee.
2. Squigs - Instant cast no cooldown, at the moment these squigs are on a 2second cast time with a 30second cooldown- this turns most level 40 squig herders into Goblin Archers and only because in Open RVR you dont have enough time to wait and summon your squig... the enemy wont let you!
3. Squigs out whilst mounted - If they added this alot more players would be happy, it was in Beta at one stage, why the took it out i dont know, it would be even better if we could mount our squig and dismount when in combat it attacked.
4. Current build of the game theres an annoying graphical bug with Lots'a'arrers where the cast annimation keeps going even after the ability has ended. Its about time this was fixed.

How should you spec for Leveling?
Firstly at Rank 17 you should take this spec, - this gives you a tactic called Aimin Quickly which makes your main attack, Plink, a 1second cast instead of 2seconds, which means you just increased your dps by 100%
Keep pumping points into Big Shootin Tree until you can take this spec at Rank 28: - This tactic reduces the cost of your Big Shootin Abilities which means if they cost less you can fire em more often, in turn increasing your dps again!

The choice splits into 2 here, you can either continue with Big Shootin or for a little fun you can take this spec at Rank 30: - This will change your game play as you will now be AoE melee specced, Use your gas squig and Big Bouncin to AoE down mobs, see how many you can pull at a time for maximum xp/hour.

Alternatlively those of you who want to go Quick Shootin Spec follow this;
- You can now AoE with Run'N'Shoot.
Rank 26 - Rotten Arrer, awesome addition to our DPS - also this reduces the targets incoming heals by 50% !
Rank 29 - Shootin wif da Wind - Range on Quickshootin abilities increased by 50%!!

Please do remember that there is no set path and that the above is for a guidline only - use what you prefer and remember respecs are cheap, so play about and find out what works for you.

How should you spec for Open RVR?
This is heavily debated on the original link at the top of this interview. A build that is becoming more mainstream for level 40 players Renown Rank 40 is this

This is a Hybrid spec, takes the best abilties from both Big Shootin an Quick Shootin. You have maximum versatality with this spec and the tactics you choose determine your play style. The ones in this link are the ones I currently use in Open RVR.

How should you spec for PvE?
With regards to PvE endgame its all about dps on the boss before the enrange timer hits, as range generally isnt a thing to worry about here I would suggest this spec

This allows for the proven shot rotation for maximum dps which is: Yer Bleedin > What Blocka? > Rotten Arrer > Plink, Plink, Plink > Yer Bleedin > What Blocka? etc etc..

How should you gear?
Currently with a ward requirement for PvE when doing any of the Ward Requirement dungeons in the game, you should always put on your maximum amount of wards regardless of any stat. However that aside it would be advisiable for both open RvR and PvE to stack as much wounds as you can (surivability) Alot of the squig herder gear lacks any real big wounds stat and comes with plenty of our main stat - Balistics. At about 1000 of any stat the soft cap kicks in and you will notice diminishing returns on any more points applied over 1000. At this point it might be beneficial to you to stack either +Crit on Ranged, -Chance to be Crit or +ranged power stats.
Survivability is your priority, a dead squig herder cant do any dps.

Thanks for Interviewing me and my preferred class - Squig Herder, hope you have enjoyed reading and learned a thing or two!

Nublet - Squig Herder @ The Unnamed: Karuk-Hirn EU.
Character & Gear:

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