Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Clean that Screen: A Sharper UI for WAR

I was chatting in guild last night about addons and came up with a few we really liked and that give us a clean interface.

The first of these is Pure, which is a unit frame addon for specializing in player, target, group and pet unit frames. By offering a wide array of customizable options, you can change the look and feel of Pure.

We also use Phantom which is a tool to hide portions of the default unit frames in WAR (and/or the associated default buff frames).

For your action bars I would recommend Vertigo. Vertigo allows you to customize action bar layouts - set the number of columns, the number of buttons on the bar, show/hide the pagers or background for each bar, and whether or not to show empty slots. I use this in conjunction with ActionBarColor which Tints the entire button red instead of just the binding text if the current target is out of range, out of LOS, et cetera.

WarHammer Scrolling combat text is another nice feature. Target Ring puts a ring around your friendly/hostile target, so it stands out of the crowd As a Black Orc, you really shouldn’t be without Plan B. It is such an aid to key binding and makes our Plan system playable.

I have found that combining these makes my Black Orc more playable in mass ORvR and my screen has less clutter.

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