Friday, February 27, 2009

Are Mythic in a panic

Have Mythic's developers got in a panic? I have been reading a lot of feedback from testers and have been testing myself when the server is up.

Their approach to the Black Orc is utterly unconvincing. (Some other classes claim the same)

First we have an emphasis on Black Orc's 2 hander damage when we have a melee class coming out.

Then we have nerfs to the tanking viabilty of the class.

Then we have nerfs to newly buffed emphasis on damage, this nerf being driven by issues with the new melee class.

Orcs are Tanks, that shouldnt be undermined. We should be able to play as tanks in PvE and PvP enviroments.

We have a tree for 2 handed play, which has recieved some of the help that it needed but taking away 25% of our crit damage undermines that. That, that change is driven by another class being imbalanced is laughable(I chose this word deliberatly)

Getting the Black Orc right isnt too hard, take a breath, listen to your testers, if Mythic cant get this class right what hope have the classes that are really screwed up.

I genuinely wonder if they have enough staff to deliver the patch in the time scale they promised. This mess strikes me as too many people having too much work.

I would give them some advice, listen to your feedback.

I do believe that while there are decent options for sword and shield Blorc that some of the buffs are lacklustre. The new group buffs added to not in the Face and Savin me Hide are inadequate, the duration is to short.The higher part of the toughest tree needs some love.

I have a few sugestions.

1. Changes the duration to these neww group buffs to 10 seconds
2. Change our tactic Mor Hardcore to turn Jibles and Not in the Face to knockdowns
3. Remove the movement speed debuff on Cant Hit me, or put it lower in the tree
4. add an Anti-healing debuff or a healing buff to this tree.
5. The Blorcs lack of defensive CC combined with a short distance knock back compared to all Order tanks needs to be adressed

In Other trees The Damage on Waaagh is inadequate.
Put a 50% crit Damage Bonus in the Brawler tree.
The lack of an effective class rank 3 moral needs to be given attention.

If you can do some of these and fix the bugs that have crept in(Loudmouth is still wonky)then you should have a balanced class.

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