Friday, February 13, 2009

Survivability for Black Orcs: I see a possible new trend.

I would test this approach to the new patch.

We replace our resists talismans with wounds and our resist accessories with toughness/wounds/ initiative gear. We get a mixture of strenght/toughness/intiative and Block from our renown tree.

Now, if we get our resists in such a set up to say 25 to 30% mitigation unbuffed which should be rather easy to do. We can use Da Greeniest to break the soft cap. We then add to this our new anti-magic damage skill. This should leave us with decent survivability against casters. Would it be as much as an equivalent to 50% mitigation?

Now have a look at the following:

Blessed Pullets of Purity: This ability will now deal Spirit Damage.
Blessed Bullets of Confession: This ability will now deal Spirit Damage.
Blessed Bullets of Cleansing: This ability will now deal Spirit Damage.

This is just one example of what used to be unmitigated damage is now mitigated via resistances now.

Having done this we have added survivability/damage from other sources which in conjunction with the toning down of armour penetration across the board makes us tougher against melee.

We could also get into the habit of switching bellows more often even a 50% reduced Da Toughest would be of some use.

(Anyone want to write a bellows twisting addon?)

While a rebalancing of gear, talismans, renown and class build may be need. I do see potential in these changes and a few opportunities for our class.

It’s a team game so if I keep my team alive longer I am happy to let them get the kills while I buff and debuff.

I really would like a sword and board knockdown to augment this.

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