Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fortress down on Karak Hirn: Operation Snotstorm.

Last night the Destruction Forces of Karak Hirn set out to take a fortress. Approximately an hour into the operation the human stronghold south of Reikland lay in ruins. Hordes of destruction pillaged as their loyal piggies frolicked in the once proud abode of the Lord of that land.

The Build up:

I got a very interesting mail in the post the other day from Roo. Roo’s ambition was to get 200+ destruction players in the field and try and push 2 zones at the same time in the hope of taking a fortress. He had contacted every guild in the game and got commitments from all the Alliances to support this initiative. H spent a small fortune on internal mail and organised meetings of all those interested.

The Plan:

I took the lead in Reikland with my alliance and 2 non aligned Warbands, Roo took the lead in Kadrin Valley. Zone pushing started at 7pm GMT / 8pm CET, giving people with lives a fighting chance of getting home from work.

When the zone locked:

When we locked Reikland the team that locked moved to the fort immediately. The other zone team moved to blockading duties. If the first team wiped on the lord, we would have immediately moved the next team into the fort before Order could return.

The transition from zone lock to fort attack went very smoothly and the first door was down as our stragglers arrived at the fort and the population cap was reached. The second door went down very quickly with a rather scary amount of DPS concentrated on it.

Over the last few week we had practiced out Lord attack tactic and had been fine tuning it (having a little more success each time) this time it worked perfectly. It did so because everyone knew the plan and executed it. Discipline and good spirits ensured that when we had killed all the order players in the fort we were well placed to take down the lord. The kill on the Lord was especially nice as people controlled their agro and didn’t get over excited.

The feeling after the kill was very gratifying, while people did get loot; I genuinely think no one really cared. The kill was a combined effort with everyone on destruction playing a part. Players in tier 4 with sub level 40 characters formed their own WB to defend the outer zone so that they could allow level 40s in to do the fighting. Everyone did what they had to do to make the kill possible even if there role was less than exciting. Not everyone can be the Main Tank or the general but without every single player doing what was asked there would have been no kill.

Overuse of the word Thanks

This bit may be a bit tedious.

Congrats and thanks to all destruction players, everyone did their bit, every pq farmed is as important as tanking the Lord.

A special thanks to Roo, the level of preparation he put in to this was staggering. People were mailed, meetings were held, forums were set up. His target was 2 simultaneous zone attempts and a fort capture; he got that through sheer hard work,

Thanks to my alliance Shadow Wind, its very easy to run a zone lock when you have 100ish people that do exactly as you tell them. We kept a census of our members during the event.

7:00pm - 100 members
8:00pm - 113 members (Reikland Lock/Reikwald Fort)
9:30pm - 107 members
10:00pm - 100 members
10:30pm - 91 members (Eataine Lock/Fort Attempt)

To the other warbands (non Alliance) who worked on Reikland I would like to thank Calana and Bakchop and their teams.

Thanks to Bakchop who took his warband to Eataine to stop order from capping there while we were in KV.

Thanks to Donegal who rounded up the sub 40 players into a warband. Thanks to you guys for staying out of scenarios and the fort.

Grats to the guys in Tier 3 who were working away to support us.

Congrats to order for a superb defence of KV and the grace of the majority in acknowledging the fort take. The ORvR on our server last night speaks highly of the competiveness of the server.

I expect a backlash soon.

It was a pleasure to be involved in and I really enjoyed myself.

Aldorf here we come, Mrs Wiggles needs a new dress.

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