Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MMOs as Religion

I found this on massively

Do MMOs have similarties to religions?

Just bumping it because it covers two of my interests MMO's and Theology.

I will give it a read tonite.

More here

The full thesis here.

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  1. "A collage is by definition not a narrative, but the coexistence of different items in
    mass media does not represent a chaotically jumble of signs. The separate
    stories, which are displayed alongside one another express orders of
    consequentiality typical of a transformed time and space environment. There is no
    single narrative.” -Theo Zijderveld

    This is deep. The internet is a brave new world which challenges the concepts of learning and different forms of mental stimulation that we were always taught before was incorrect and too chaotic for the brain to assemble into coherrant thoughts. Thats why they made filters and search engines.

    Have fun reading this one. :)