Thursday, February 26, 2009

Testing a new build

I have just spent some time on the test server and am impressed with some of the changes.

I tend to play with sword and shield, so I tested with that preference in mind.

First of all I think that the buff to Stop Hittin da runts is excellent. They took a worthless talent and gave us something that is useful in PvE and PvP. A proc based on the frequency of our bellows is a useful and pretty decent piece of balancing.

The change to Da Biggest allowing it to buff group mates is bugged at the moment, however Da Greeniest is buffing group mates which would be nice if it went live.

The change to Waaagh is promising (some decent damage) although it seems to have picked up a completely unnecessary 5 second cool down. Da Biggest procing like crazy on multiple mobs. Combining it with loudmouth was useful.

With the AP regen I could literally spam a cycle of Wot Armour- Big Swing - Waaagh without pause. Loudmouth boosted damage on my main target (not by as much as I thought it would) and Da Biggest buffed me considerably.

I can see it being a useful spec in scenarios and in Keep/Fort sieges.

I will have to do some research in to which classes on destruction benefit from a corporeal debuff to their targets.

The buff to Can Youz Hear Me Now makes it a nice single target attack against our squishiest opponents

I will continue to test this spec.

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