Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ghetto gear can make a difference for your Black Orc

After the levelling grind a lot of us get caught up in the gear grind. On Karak Hirn a significant number of players are grinding dark promise gear. So what do you do if you just dinged 40 to compete with the adversary that is decked in top end gear?

As a Black Orc there are a few options such as the Enervating GutStrap. Easy to find in the Auction House, I bought mine for less than a gold. It has some very decent stats. +2 to block is hard to come by and very useful for a tank, the resists are helpful and 22 wound is a passable stat. Check out the equivalents for other classes.

Another source of easy yet useful gear is on your renown merchant.
In terms of bang for your buck don’t underestimate these as placeholders until you upgrade.

Vanguard Warp Ring
Vanguard Chaos Ring
Vanguard Dark Band
Vanguard Cloak

You could also look at the lower set such as Martial if you wished to stack a stat or if your renown isn’t high enough yet. The Martial Darkband will gain you another 37 wounds.

Just taking these very accessible items you can get (I need to check the maths):

102 Wounds
91 Initiative
42 Toughness
282 Spiritual Resist
409 Elemental Resist
338 Corporeal Resist
+ 2 Block

For about 2-3 gold you have some tasty stats.

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