Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thoughts after the stress test.

So last night I spent the entire stress test seeing how my Gaurdian theorycrafting stood up to play. It was a very useful exercise. I gained a few insights.

Heal Skill: 

Our three heal skills are useful and certianly have a role. My play style is support and that meant I spent most of my time using healing Breeze as it heals my allies. Healing breeze also has the advantage of being on the quickest cooldown, it is usable every 30 seconds. However if I was concerned with taking condition damage I could have used Signet of Resolve which synergises well with the trait Purity, Combined they would remove two Conditions every 10 seconds. Perhaps if I was interested I could have added in the trait Purity of Resolve which removes 3 Condtions when The Virtue of resolve is activated. Our third heal is somewhat overlooked but I can see a role for it in a dps build especially if it is used in Conjunction with Defenders Flame.

I tried a few of these and I have some favorites Picking the best ones will be difficult.

Signet of Mercy -Passive: Improves healing. Active: Revive a nearby ally. While this is a powerful revive returning a lot of health the coolddown is over long. I need to get a figure for the increase on healing it gives but it synergises with a lot of other aspects of the support Guardian. In addtion the trait Perfect Inscriptions can be taken to improve the passive of the Signet. It would probably be a better use of this trait if we were using more than one Signet.

Signet of Judgement - Passive: Reduces incoming damage.Active: Grant retaliation to nearby allies. I enjoyed this skill it buffs the guardian and upto 5 nearby allies. A single player hiting a group buffed with this will find his health whittled down.

Wall of Reflection - Protect target area with a wall of mystic power that reflects projectiles. Duration: 5 s with a 30 sec cooldown. I loved this, ranged classes nuked themselves down against this. It can be dropped in the middle of a fight and it sometimes not noticed. If you use the staff use Line of Warding to draw a line in front of you that foes cannot cross. This way both melee and casting enemies are hampered. One short coming is that it’s a wall rather than a shell so it is less useful when taking a keep.

Hold the Line - Grant protection and regeneration to allies. Is this essential for a support Guardian I suspect that it is. If I were to take only one shout I would not trait it.

Retreat – A 2nd shout that grants aegis and swiftness to up to five nearby allies. If I were to take two shouts then I would also look into traiting them. A 20% reduction in cooldown might be useful.

Merciful Intervention. Teleport to the nearby ally with the lowest health and create a healing area around them. 45 second cooldown. Another direct heal. Teleports can end deliver you to strange places, be warned.

Purging Flames - Create a ring of fire that burns enemies and remove conditions from allies.I ewnjoyed this as I was focused a lot and it allowed me to retaliate.

Sanctuary - Form a protective shelter that prevents foes and projectiles from entering, and heals allies.  Duration: 10 s  Cool down of 120 seconds is a bit long. If we were to pick up Wall of Reflection as well. It might be worth traiting these skills. It is possible to make these Concecrations ground targeted, recharge faster and last longer.

Bow of Truth: Summon an arcane bow to remove conditions from you and your allies. I need to test the heal on this.

Some rules of thumb:

My Top three utility skills after the stress test are:

Hold the line. Direct heal and short cooldown.
Retreat. A good defensive buff and speed.
Merciful Teleportation. Another decent heal and also selects the player most in need. So should be moron friendly. Also useful to get out of jail.

Don’t trait for a type of skill(Coecration, Symbol, Meditation) Unless you have two of that type. Remember your downed bar has a symbol!
Some Trait seem too good to pass on. Justice is Blind, Altruistic Healing, Battle Presence and  Resolute. I also like the heal from selfless daring.
Altuistic Healing works well with the shouts as does Might of the Virtuous.

This would be a good base for traits with 35 points still to allocate.

So this is a possible revised build for Warband support. It offers a lot of synergy with shouts. I am unsure of Pure of Heart applies to every Aegis or just the one on the guardian.

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