Thursday, May 17, 2012

DPS - Guardian

In my play testing of the Guardian I have neglected testing a dps build.

This guy hasnt. Have a watch of this.

His build.

Sigil of Superior Strength (30% chance to apply might for 10s on critical.) on Sword and Scepter.
Sigil of Superior Battle (You gain 3 stacks of might for 20s when you swap to this weapon while in combat.) on Torch and Focus.

Armor Runes:
2x Rune of the Fire (+25 power, +20% might duration).
2x Rune of Hoelbrak (+25 power, +20% might duration).
2x Rune of Strength (+25 power, +20% might duration).

Amulet with +813Power, +580Toughness, +580Vitality.
6x Perfect Opal Jewel (+25Power, +15Toughness, +15Vitality)

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