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Revival – the essential Skill.

Revival is the process of bringing a player or NPC back from a downed or defeated state. All characters are able to do this by simply using a context sensitive interaction with a downed or defeated character. Some NPCs will revive other NPCs and ocasionally players as well. The time needed to complete the revival process is influenced by the number of players attempting to revive a target and the Death Penalty. There are specific skills with more impressive revival effects. All revived characters come back with 25% of their max health and are invulnerable for 1 second.

Reviving a player from downed state is done through raw healing until the 25% quota is reached, whereas reviving a player from defeated state instantly fills their health back up to 25% of the maximum once the process is complete. Characters which need revival are shown on the compass as skull and crossbones icon and on the screen by a blue ankh symbol floating above the character.

 Each time a character gets downed, that character accumulates one point of death penalty. For each point, 25% will be removed from the starting consciousness bar the next time that character gets downed. Each death penalty point expires one minute after being added. If a character goes down with 4 points of death penalty (ie. five times within one minute), they will go straight to the defeated state Downed is the mode a character enters when their health reaches zero. In this state, a character is unable to move but has access to four downed skills for a chance to rally by killing an enemy and continue fighting. The skills in downed state are less powerful than other skills, are determined by player's profession and include a skill to call out for assistance. While downed, a character's health is replaced by a consciousness meter which indicates the time remaining in the downed state. If the player is not rallied or revived before this meter runs out, or if they continue to be attacked, they will enter a defeated state. If a player has been downed several times, they will accumulate death penalty, and it will take longer to revive them. In PvP a powerful melee only finishing move which takes a few seconds to activate sends a downed player straight to defeated. If the player is downed while underwater, they enter drowning mode instead.

 A defeated character is no longer able to participate in a battle in any way. A downed character enters a defeated state once their consciousness meter reaches zero, which happens over time and may be hastened by attacks to the character. In this mode they must either wait for an ally to revive them or resurrect at a waypoint for a small amount of coin, equivalent to the price for using waypoints when alive Such fee is in place in order to avoid allowing characters to use death as a way of teleporting for free and is waived if the player has no money either in inventory or storage. Every time a character is defeated one piece of armor gets damaged. Once all armor pieces are damaged, each subsequent death will break a piece of armor at random. When a piece of armor breaks, you no longer benefit from any statistical bonuses it provides until it is repaired. When not fully reviving a player from their downed state, note that the health gained through this process can still make a difference to the player's rally.

To rally is to recover to the normal playing state after being downed. A player can rally from a downed state if they or their pet are able to kill someone or get experience for a kill before they are defeated. It is an alternative to being revived by another player. Currently when a player rallies they get 25% health and one second of invulnerability

Skills that instantly revive allies :
Signet of Mercy: Passive: Improves healing Active: Revive a nearby ally.

 Major Traits:

Protective Reviver: You and your ally gain aegis when you revive them. Aegis is a boon which blocks the next attack. A blocked attack deals no damage, and other effects on the target are also ignored.

Resolute Healer: You generate a Shield of Absorption when you start reviving an ally. This creates a dome around you that knocks back foes and then absorbs projectiles.

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