Monday, May 14, 2012

Guardian - a break down for the pure support role

This build is designed, both to passively buff those around the Guardian and to utilse Virtues to actively buff and debuff.

The weapon selection gives 3 combo field light and combo finisher whirl.

The Build – Traits

Radiance: 100 precision, 10% increased condition duration.
5 points – Justice is Blind. Blind is a powerful debuff giving the guardians dps virtue a role in mitigation. This virtue is on the shortest cooldown making this a powerful use of points.
10 Points – Perfect Inscriptions - Buffs the passive on Signet of Mercy.

Valor: 100 Toughness, 10 increase to critical damage
5 points – Valorius defence – we gain aegis at 50% health.
10 points – Altruistic healing – Every time you apply a boon to allies you are healed.

Honour: 300 Vitality, Increases healing by 300.
5 points – Vigouros Precision
10 points – Pure of Heart – a buff to aegis that adds aheal when its expended.
15 points – Selfless Daring – your dodge roll heals allies.
20 points – Battle Presense – allies gain the Guardians passive regen (potentially very powerful skill)
25 points – Might of the Virtuous – a buff to Aegis When it is removed a might buff is cast
30 points – Resolute Healer – Gain a Shiled of Absorbtion on reviving an ally

Virtues: Increase condition damage by 200, increase Virtue recharge by 20%
5 points - Inspired Virtues – adds valuable buffs to The Guardians Virtues on Activation.
10 points – Courgaeous – Aegis is triggered every 30 seconds. Should work with altruistic healing.
15 points -Virtue of Retribution you gain Retaliation when you use a Virtue
20 Points – Resolute – this makes the passive regen stronger, works well with Battle Precence in the Honour tree.
passive ~220/tick x5 => 1100/sec overall (Battle Presence and Resolute)
active ~2000 + 240/tick(5sec) x5 = 266/sec + 3 conditions removed every 60 seconds (Purity of Resolve and Inspired Virtue)
only time you would ever want to activate Virtue of Resolve is when you or a good portion of your allies would otherwise certainly be dying in the next few seconds

Healing Skill:
Healing breezes- This heals both the Guardian and those in front of him and stacks with regen. Our most powerful group Heal

Utility Skills:
Signet of Mercy - Passive: Improves healing. Active: Revive a nearby ally. 240 second recharge time.
Merciful Intervention – Teleport to the nearby ally with the lowest health and create a healing area around them. This is an obvious heal but less obviously it can get us out of trouble as a ghetto teleport. 45 second cooldown.
Sanctuary – Form a protective shelter that prevents foes and projectiles from entering, and heals allies. A useful shield and a decent healon a 120 second cooldown.

Elite Skill:
Tome of Curage - Tome of Courage locks the user in place while granting Stability, a major increase in health, and five skills that replace the standard weapon skills:
Heal Area - Heal allies in the target area.
Purifying Ribbon - Release a ribbon of light that bounces to nearby allies, removing one conditionfrom each ally hit, blinding each enemy hit.
Protective Spirit - Grant protection and regeneration to allies in a cone.
Pacifism - Pacify foes in the area, dazing them for three seconds.
Light of Deliverance - Fully heal up to five allies.

The choice of wepaons reflects that role for this guardian build.


Faithful Strike – The last attack on the chain heals the guardian.
Symbol of Faith - Smash a mystic symbol onto the ground that damages foes and regenerates allies.
 Regeneration: 1 s, Duration: 4 s , Refresh 6 s
Protector’s Strike - Surround yourself and nearby allies with a shield. Knock back enemies that strike protected allies. Grant protection to yourself and nearby allies if you are not struck.
 Protection: 5 s, Push: 240 Range: 130 

Shield :
Shield of Judgement - Create a shielding wave in front of you that damages foes and gives protection to yourself and up to 5 allies.
Protection: 5 s
Shield of Absorbtion - Create a dome around you that knocks back foes and then absorbs projectiles.
 Duration: 4 s, Push: 100 

Wave of Wrath - Send out a powerful shockwave, hitting up to five foes.
  Range: 600
Orb of Light - Fire a slow moving orb of light that can be detonated to heal allies.
   Range: 1200
Symbol of Swiftness - Sear a mystic symbol into the target area, damaging foes and granting swiftness to allies.
 Swiftness: 2 s,  Radius: 15,   Duration: 4 s,  Range: 1200
Line of Warding - Draw a line in front of you that foes cannot cross.
 Duration: 5 s
Martyr - Draw conditions from nearby allies to yourself. Gain multiple boons for a short duration.
 Might: 5 s, Fury: 5 s , Protection: 5 s , Regeneration: 5 s ,Swiftness: 5 s , Vigor: 5 s , Range: 1200 

This build should have sufficient survivability to keep the Guardain up and provide massive protection, blockingand regen is very very good. To augment this I would use the following Runes.

Rune of Dwayna 6/6 - +25healing/+20%Regeneration Duration/+50Healing/5% to gain Regeneration when hit/+90Healing/All nearby allies gain regeneration for 10 seconds after using a Heal

Sigil of Water - 30% chance to heal nearby allies.


  1. Hi there, ive seen some of your write ups and they are great!

    I have alot of questions as im building all sorts of builds my self, but in BWE i just tested out leveling up and not end game builds.

    HERE are some questions if you know the answers please let me know!

    Do you think the 25% boon shearing is useful? or considering other classes can removes boons easily like a mesmer it seems useless?
    mind you guardian can be burn heavy, scepter #1skills burns each time and also with torch.....

    Aegis heals on removal- DOES this heal allies if you use the skill that gives aegis to allies?

    You are healed when applying a boon to allies- Shouts skills all give a boon right? so are you healed per boon or per player or just the once for 1 shout? And does healing breeze give regeneration to the group as a buff? does that mean you will be healed again with the trait that heals you when you give a boon to allies?

    Passive resolve is stronger- Yes it depends on the build but have you tried this with base stats and just putting that trait in the line. Also does this boost the grp passive resolve when speced? or bugged still?
    And putting 10 points to buy the Resolute trait that makes resolve stronger is worth it? or is it better to put 10 points into the healing line to get better healing and spec a trait in the honor line?

    90 toughness worth it when wearing a shield?

    Also with the signets do you know how much might they give? how much EXTRA healing is given, how much dmg reduction? Do you notice any increase in resolve healing with the passive + to healing signet? and does the trait perfect inscriptions that increases passive signets do much too?

    Sorry for the MUMBO JUMBO, im just throwing it out in jibberish ahahaha. goodluck!

  2. Sorry for the delay Brad I only noticed the comments now. I will work on writing up the answers for you.

  3. Awesome thanks heaps!
    I saw a youtube vid the other day and with resolute and resolve to party he was having regen ticks of 310. So i thought they may of fixed this.