Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guardian PvP footage - Support Build

 Rune of Dwayna 6/6 - +25healing/+20%Regeneration Duration/+50Healing/5% to gain Regeneration when hit/+90Healing/All nearby allies gain regeneration for 10 seconds after using a Heal

Sigil of Water - 30% chance to heal nearby allies.

 The Guardians summoned weapons: The Hammer knocks people around, the Sword is good if you don't want people to be knocked around, the shield is pretty good for removing ranged damage if you're getting group ganked and the bow is good condition removal.Their AI for movement & their movement speed could be better though. On the Guardian I had 3 immobilizes. When an enemy is stuck in one place getting slapped with constant crits of 2k, the spirit weapon proves to be quite useful.


  1. wow snort, you hold yourself pretty well >_> the guardian seems pretty strong. and im using the word strong instead of another word, but that word gets tossed around alot ""OP"" :D glad your on our side

  2. It wasnt me but the tome does seem OP