Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Traits some tips

Finding the right build is not as easy as it could seem.There are some great tips on traits here.

Highlights of the article.
Traits are one of the main ways you can create individual and group utility other than your skills. 
Trait lines are one of the many ways you can gain in a certain attribute.  It is true you most likely won’t find other sources to give +300 of one attribute, but you could be lacking a lot of utility for your character if you only build by them.
 All minor traits are more character specific.  Unlike most major traits, they are not concentrated on weapons or utility skills. 
Major traits are really diverse but generally they can be split into the following categories: damage modification, defense modification, attribute modification, recharge reduction, effect range increase, skill trigger effects, and misc. utility.
Conditions are also surprisingly trait point efficient like boons. Why invest in more power when you can just cause Vulnerability and do more damage?  Why increase axe damage by 5% when you can cause Poison that not only reduces healing but has a net damage way above a 5% calculation?

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