Friday, April 20, 2012


I used the term synergy and was asked to explain it.

Definition: Synergy comes from the Greek word synergia, meaning joint work and cooperative action.
Synergy is when the result is greater than the sum of the parts. Synergy is created when things work in concert together to create an outcome that is in some way of more value than the total of what the individual inputs is.

Smoking can cause lung cancer. Breathing asbestos can cause lung cancer. Smoking and breathing asbestos can cause lung cancer at a higher rate than the sum of individual smoking and asbestos rates.
In organization Synergy becomes very important. Take an organization of your choice and bringing out the importance of Synergy in making the organization more productive. This can be your team at work or a pvp raid group.

Builds form an integral component of Guild Wars 2, and selecting skills is just as important as how you use those skills. Many skills act in synergy with each other and offer tons of options for combinations.
Do you want a mixed flexible team or are you strictly following a straightforward plan? What exactly are your specific strategies as a player?
There's no easy way to build a team which caters to a player's strengths. It all takes efficient planning

 This is an intersting post in regard to Guardians and Synergy.

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