Friday, April 20, 2012

The Guardian In Beta

I have been following the Guardian class a while in my blog .  This weekend will allow me to confirm whether I will play it in live.I have also been following the forums on the class.

I would recommend these

especially the theorycraft section. Its not yet up to the standards of theorycrafting as say elitestjerks in WoW but I imagine the official forums will get there as the traits in this game are a min/maxers dream.
It ticks a lot of boxes for me. I like the subtley of support play, the BlackOrc and the Vanguard were enjoyable experiences and could deciively influence a Battle. The guardian seems to fit this role with solid support skills, a few get out of jail free cards and some decent Area Control.
If you like you big dps numbers it may not be the class you want, although I am hopefully that as promised evey class can dps. I shall be testing this.

I had a very interesting dicussion with a member who likes playing Healersand wasn’t sure what to play(when did I turn into an agony Aunt?). We were discussing the ability to “forward” think in pvp. It’s a skill that is essential in pvp and is lacking in pvp . In relation to this he said that one of the reasons he likes the Healer role is that he recognizes that he lacks this ability and this is a primary reason he likes to heal as it allows him to distance himself from the hurley burley and survey whats going on giving himself time to act. The same player is a superb healer(one of may we picked up in Swtor, which is a gold mine of PVP healers for us) and I found his analysis stimulating.
So perhaps if you are a healer type or like that thinking time the Guardian is for you too.

In terms of the Beta itself I have set myself a few tasks. I want to try a few playstyles. Loosily I am terming these Tank, Healer and dps. I am curious to see if they have delivered us from the holy trinity. If they have it bodes well for the game.

I want to explore the various RvR maps as they are huge, I like to know the lay of the land.
Finally I will min/max to my hearts content exploring the synergies of traits and weapons.I spend an indecent amount of time theory crafting and on this builder.

I shall start with this

Then again I might not like it and will start from scratch on another class like the Necro.

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