Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I dont believe in the WoW Killer and neither do these guys

As for the World of Warcraft-killer slogan that has been bandied about in the press, O’Brien said “nothing is going to kill WoW other than WoW. Games just don’t die. But do gamers think we’ve seen the most popular online game we’ve ever seen and we’ll never see something more popular than that? I don’t think so. One MMO has been on the top of the heap for seven years now, but there’s been a progression in the industry for other games being able to attract more and more players.
The full piece

Also a balanced review here. The highlights:

Whether or not GW2 is the saviour some want it to be will be down to the individual. Its big ideas are subtle enough to pass by anyone who isn’t attuned to the way MMOs usually operate, yet substantial enough to unsettle players invested in the status quo. It’s player-driven both in the sense that its users determine the state of its content, but also in that it doesn’t offer the satisfaction of ‘finishing’ an area before moving on to the next. It’s constantly in motion, and as such you’re asked to be far more proactive in seeking out your fun.

What’s exciting about Guild Wars 2 is that it returns the emphasis of the MMO to having fun on your own terms. Even if the range of events you may encounter is fixed, the array of variables and the possibility of encountering those events with any number of other people creates a huge matrix of potential experiences.
 For those who arent familiar with the franchise.

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