Thursday, April 5, 2012

Latest GW2 Information.

Some new information on Guild Wars 2 over here.The highlights for me are:

Upcoming PvP maps, I think we released a screenshot that showed a little bit of one the other day with the guardians and the warrior, both with hammers. So we’ve for 2 more PvP maps that we haven’t revealed yet, they’re both capture point, one of them… I don’t want to totally give them away ‘cos I think we’re planning on revealing them. One of them is actually going to be pretty nostalgic for GW1 players so you can expect that to be something that has a lot of familiar elements for GW1 players and the second one actually is a pretty cool one that has a lot of underwater combat and involves a pirate ship so those are both pretty cool and we’ll be talking more about those I think pretty soon.

So in competitive PvP guilds are not really a thing that’s recognized as a particular unit, instead what you have is individual player recognition and team recognition. If all five of us here were part of a team, we would be recognized as that team, you people would be able to see what guild we would be part of, so it’s entirely possible that you get a famous team in which every single one of them is from a different guild, or more likely to be the case is that those people are going to join a guild and that’s kind of going to become their identity, it’s going to become their team name.
 There would be only a ladder for teams, not for the guilds

here are a couple ways in which we try to help players see that they’re forming a cross- profession  combo. The first is that we actually have an effect that plays of some sort like any key mentions. You can see the arrows catch fire or you can see the smoke going out if you do a stomp effect inside of a smoke cloud. The other thing which you get is a little pop-up that says ‘Combo’ whenever you’re performing a cross-profession combo, and it’s up to players to notice that we will probably do a little bit more refinement on it. I don’t know that is that noticeable just yet, but yeah, those are the two tools that we kind of want to rely on, it is the combo pop-up as well as the visual effects in the game.
you can join structured PvP when you are on the overflow server. People who are on other servers, the matchmaking in structured PvP are between different servers so you will be able to play with people from different servers.

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