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Warrior - Thanks to Beliata

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Profession Mechanics
Adrenaline returns to Guild Wars 2. The more a warrior attacks the more adrenaline he/she generates. Adrenaline fills 3 bars above the 1-5 skill and the more bars filled the stronger the Burst skill is. The warrior’s burst skill is triggered by F1 and is determined by the main hand or the two handed weapon being wielded, and is sort of a miniature elite skill. The downside to this is that the warrior’s profession mechanic is sort of useless while wielding an environmental weapon such as a conjured weapon or a siege weapon.

The warrior can use any instrument of warfare. From sword and shield to rifles and longbows as well as the non magical aquatic weapons.

Longbow: Focuses on setting enemies on fire from long range with several burning skills and an immobilization.
Rifle: Lots of conditions (even the 1 skill bleeds) on a single enemy. One shot…probably not one kill…keep shooting…
Hammer: A powerful control weapon, everything it does focuses on tactically debilitating the enemy. WITH A GIANT HAMMER.
Greatsword: Not a lot of conditions on this one, this is the damage and getting close enough to damage weapon.
Mace (main hand): Slightly defensive weapon (for a spiked steel ball on a stick) with a block and a daze and a burst skill stun.
Mace (off hand): Two condition-giving attacks. Warriors are the only profession that can dual wield maces.
Sword (main hand): A lunge and a bleeding chain attack along with a crippler define the sword’s role as a damage and control type weapon.
Sword (off hand): You can throw your sword at an enemy to cause bleeding or use it to block…seems kind of two faced. What? The block also bleeds? Ahhh..that makes more sense.
Axe (main hand): Chop/Double Chop/Triple Chop. I’m not kidding…those are the names of the 1 skill chain. When you want to damage someone…the axe’ll do it…Burst skill name? Eviscerate…duhhhh.
Axe (off hand): It doesn’t get complicated here either…it’ll do damage and it’ll do damage while spinning like a tornado…like they teach in Warrior College.
Shield (off hand): Hits people in the face/Stops people hitting you in the face.
Warhorn(off hand): Channel the spirit of Boromir and sound the charge and call to arms. Not in that order though…that would be silly. Support/leader type weapon.

You start with:

Healing Surge (30 second cooldown): It’s a heal and builds adrenaline. Well…that’s useful 2 ways.
Mending (20 second cooldown, 1 skill point): It’s a heal and it removes a condition. Hmm….
Healing Signet (40 second cooldown, 4 skill points): Passively gives you regeneration (suck on that guardians!) and when activated heals you. This seems vaguely familiar…

Utility Skills
Warriors’ utility skills come in groups of 4. They have their signets like every other non engineer profession as well as a group of 4 combat moves that kick, stomp, charge and throws a bolas like Batman.

Stances define the warrior as a combatant and give him/her the relevant stance buff. These benefits don’t fit in too well into the normal boon/conditions definition of GW2 and are given their own icons as boons.

They also have Shouts…which are shouts really(they show speech bubbles above your character when you shout them :o)…they give your allies boons and enemies conditions. Interesting one is “I will avenge you!” where if you kill an enemy while under its effect your allies will rally. Nice touch.

They also have Banners…which along with shouts define the warrior as the leader type character as well. They fall from uhhhh…somewhere and provide boons to allies in an area. Allies can actually pick them up and use them as environmental weapons so an army marching to war can actually carry their banners while yelling something like “FOR MACRAGGE!” before planting them at the new battlefront. Yeahhh 8) (Not sure these guys work underwater. Soggy banners aren’t cool.)

Elite Skills:

Signet of Rage (2 minute cooldown, 20 skill points): Build up the rage by passively gaining adrenaline. Release the rage by activating to gain swiftness to chase, might for damage and fury for critical damage. Lasts 30 seconds.
Battle Standard (3 minute cooldown, 15 skill points): Summons a battle standard that boosts damage, gives stability, fury and might and revives down and defeated allies. Banner lasts 20 seconds, boons will last a few seconds after.
Rampage (3 minute cooldown, 25 skill points): Smash, kick, dash, throw boulder, stomp. Those are the skills you now have. They do exactly what you think. You also grow larger. WARRIOR SMASH!


The warrior’s trait system is defined by your play style with their names to guide you-:

Strength: raises power + condition duration: mostly damage output traits.
Arms: raises precision + condition damage: mostly condition augmenting traits.
Defense: raises toughness + heal effectiveness: uhhhh…defensive traits.
Tactics: raises vitality + boon duration: mostly boon augmenting traits.
Discipline: raises critical hit damage + burst skill damage: lot of weapon swapping and adrenaline traits here.
(One of the warrior’s downed skills, Vengeance, which restores the warrior to full fighting form before dropping to the ground defeated has an interesting trait in Discipline, which gives the warrior a chance to rally whenever he kills an enemy.)

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