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Guardian - thanks to Beliasta

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Profession Mechanic
The Guardian uses 3 virtues that passively give him boons. He can then activate them using the F1,F2 and F3 skills to give the same boons to nearby allies(including the user). The activated virtue is then deactivated for a period of time.

F1: Virtue of Justice (20s cooldown) – Every 5th attack burns. It sets your weapon skills on fire in the UI when it’s ready. Activate it to cause nearby allies to set enemies on fire with their next attack.

F2: Virtue of Resolve (40s cooldown) – You have rejuvenation (a unique healing boon – suck on that warriors!). Activate it to remove conditions from nearby allies and give them regeneration(regular boon) for a short time.

F3: Virtue of Courage (60s cooldown) – Every 30 seconds you gain aegis, which blocks the next attack. Activate it to give aegis to nearby allies.
Nice and simple: a smiting skill, a healing skill and a protection skill. Oddly feels familiar.

The guardian uses most melee weapons and magical weapons. Underwater they use the spear and trident.

Staff: A couple AoEs, a couple supports and the “YOU SHALL NOT PASS UNLESS YOU GO AROUND” skill. It’ll probably work well on a fragile stone bridge.
Greatsword: Lots of damage and a lot of control skills. A couple actual multi target ranged attacks.
Hammer: Hard hitting, short ranged AoEs with a circular warding skill. It keeps enemies out. It keeps victims in.
Mace (main hand): Lots of support skills here with heals and protection. It’s a spiky steel ball on a stick…
Sword (main hand): Has a teleport attack and a projectile counter for ranged attackers.
Scepter (main hand): Can immobile an enemy and then pummel them in an AoE and with a slow moving projectile.
Torch (off hand): FOR SIGMAR! I mean…It removes a condition as well SETS YOU ON FIRE AND THEN SETS OTHER PEOPLE ON FIRE. (Pretty sure you aren’t burning and taking any damage from that).
Focus (off hand): Shoots a ray that helps allies, blinds and damages enemies. Also creates an exploding shield.
Shield (off hand): Gives protection to you and allies as well as creating a bubble that knocks back enemies and projectiles.

You start with:

Shelter (45s cooldown): Block for 2 seconds while you heal. Can’t complain. Long recharge.
Signet of Resolve (30s cooldown, 1 skill point): Passively removes a condition periodically. Activate and it heals you. What a twist!
Healing Breeze (30s cooldown, 4 skill points): Gives you and allies a heal over time that stacks with regeneration.

Utility skills
Guardians have 4 signets (Including one that revives a nearby ally :o). They have 2 intervention (read: teleportation) spells – 1 for enemies, 1 for allies in need. They also have 3 shouts (4th one still in the lab?) – Hold the line! Stand your Ground! Retreat! (likely order of use).

Spirit Weapons are your floating energy Hammers, Swords, Bows and Shields (GL style). They are uncontrollable, can’t be attacked, have time limits and are awesome (one of these is an opinion). Use their skill again to command them to do their special move that will also dismiss them.

Guardians also have symbols which are ground targeted AoEs that leave a symbol on the ground that gives its effect to the relevant targets(friend or foe) standing on it.

Elite skills

Sanctuary (180s cooldown, 15 skill points): Creates a sphere that keeps enemies and projectiles out. Ground targeted AoEs might probably get through.
Tome of Wrath (180s cooldown, 20 skill points): Turns you in a turret of immobile death dealing. Of your 5 new skills, 3 attack the opponent and 2 buff allies to help attack opponents.
Tome of Courage (180s cooldown, 25 skill points): Once again turns you into a turret with a lot of support and defensive abilities(poker face).

All are very movement limiting, so make sure you want to be where you are before using these things. There are traits to boost their duration as well.


Zeal raises power and boon duration with traits that boost damage and help survival.
Radiance raises precision and condition duration. Lots of on-crit effect traits.
Valor raises toughness and critical multiplier oddly enough. Lots of armour traits here.
Honor raises vitality, healing and its traits boosts the power of aegides(plural of aegis), shouts and symbols.
Virtue raises condition damage and lowers the recharge on virtues. Naturally its traits augment the power of the guardian’s virtues.

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