Friday, March 30, 2012

More World V World info

These are some of  my highlights from the following arrticle on WvW.
The World Vs World map is separated by small districts of land, such as “Dreaming Bay”, or “Veloka Slope”. Typically, one capture point is assigned to a single chunk of land. For example, there will only be one Guard Tower in the vicinity of “Veloka Slope”, and while your character is present in the area, that location will be displayed near the compass map to allow for fast and easy location awareness for you and your team.
The bonuses available from WvW are:
• Artisan - Increased chance of crafting critical success. • Energetic - Faster endurance gain. • Scavenger - bonus gold per kill. • Robust - Maximum health increase. • Gatherer - Chance for additional gathering node uses. • Defender - Increased defense against monsters. • Wisdom - Bonus experience per kill. • Medic - Healing effectiveness increases.
Each capture point gives a team a certain amount of points that is tallied at various intervals. These point totals will then determine the winner as well as provide the previously mentioned world bonuses. • Supply Camp = 5 points • Tower = 10 points • Keep = 25 points • Castle = 50 points
Supply has a fair amount of uses within World Vs World. It can be used to repair walls, build siege equipment, as well as upgrade your defenses. The source of this supply is the supply camps scattered throughout the world map. It is then carried off to towers and keeps to prevent their stock of supply from running low
Think of squads as a branch of the existing five player party system. However, unlike parties, squads are less concentrated and allow for more broad control over a large amount of people through the use of waypoints and similar means of large scale communication. This seems like the perfect addition to something as huge as World Vs World, and could be an extremely potent tool when put in the hands of a great leader.

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