Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guardian - new traits from beta

 The latest beta had some changes to the Guardians traits. Here are most of them.

ZEAL - Minor
Zealot's Speed
Create a Symbol of Swiftness when health dips below 25% health (30 second cooldown).
Symbolic Exposure
Your Symbols apply Vurnerability to your enemies.
Symbolic Power
Your Symbols do extra damage.

ZEAL - Major
Eternal Spirit
Your spirit weapon is not destroyed when commanded.
Fiery Wrath
You deal 10% more damage against burning foes.
Wrathful Spirits
Spirit weapons do 10% more damage.
Scepter Power
Your damage with scepters is increased by 5%.
Binding Jeopardy
Immobilizing a Foe also applies Vulnerability to them.
Protector's Impact
Create a Symbol of Protection when you take falling damage.
Greatsword Power
Your damage with greatswords is increased by 5%.
Focused Mastery
Your Focus skills recharge 20% faster.
Revenge of the Fallen
Increased damage while downed.
Spirit Weapon Mastery
Your Spirit Weapon recharge is reduced by 20%
Shattered Aegis
When an Aegis you apply is removed it burns nearby enemies.
Zealous Blade
Your Greatsword attacks heal you.

Justice is Blind
Activating Justice blinds nearby foes.
Renewed Justice
Your Justice Virtue is renewed when you kill an enemy.
Radiant Power
You do more damage to conditioned foes.

A Fire Inside
Your spirit weapons cause burning.
Right Handed Strength
15% increased crit chance with 1-handed weapons. (sword, mace, scepter)
Signet Mastery
20% faster signet cooldown.
Powerful Blades
Your sword and spear damage is increased by 5%.
Shimmering Defense
You blind your foes when you're [sic] health reaches 25%. (60 seconds cooldown)
Healer's Retribution
Gain 3 seconds of Retaliation when using a heal skill.
Blind Exposure
Applying Blind also applies Vulnerability.
Radiant Fire
Your torch skills recharge 15% faster.
Searing Flames
When you apply Burning to an enemy you have a 25% chance to remove a boon.
Inner Fire
When you are set on fire you gain Fury.
Inscribed Removal
Using a signet removes a condition from yourself.
Perfect Insciptions
Your Signets passive effects are improved.

VALOR - Minor
Valorous Defense
You gain Aegis when your health reaches 50%.
Courageous Return
Your Courage Virtue is recharged when you Rally.
Might of the Protector
You gain might when you block attacks.

VALOR - Major
You lose a condition every 10 seconds.
Defender's Flame
You have a 20% chance to Burn an attackers when Blocking.
Focused Mind
Meditations are instant.
Honorable Shield
20% Reduced cooldown on shield skills.
Retributive Armor
10% of toughness is given as a bonus to precision.
Defender's Shield
Gain extra armor while wielding a shield (+90 Toughness).
Meditation Mastery
Your meditations recharge 20% faster.
Mace of Justice
Your mace attacks do 5% more damage.
Strength in Numbers
Nearby allies gain +30 Toughness.
Altruistic Healing
You are healed whenever you apply a boon to allies.
Monk's Focus
Your are healed whenever you use a meditation.
Strength of the Fallen
You lose health slower while downed.

HONOR - Minor
Vigorous Precision
Gain 1 second of Vigor when you critically hit an enemy.
Selfless Daring
The end of your dodge roll heals nearby allies.
Eluusive Power
You do more damage at low endurance.

HONOR - Major
Resolute Healer
You generate a Shield of Absorbtion when you start reviving an ally.
Pure Of Voice
Shouts remove conditions.
Vengeful Warding
Wards deal damage when enemies try to pass through them.
Protective Spirit
Aegis gives Protection if it expires without activating.
Pure of Heart
Aegis heals on removal.
Protective Reviver
You and your ally gain aegis when you revive them.
Writ of the Merciful
All symbols give regeneration.
Two-Handed Mastery
Your two handed weapon skills recharge 25% faster.
Battle Presence
Nearby allies gain your passive Virtue of Resolve.
Superior Aria
Shouts recharge 20% faster.
Writ of Exaltation
Symbols are larger.
Writ of Persistence
Your symbols last longer.

Inspired Virtue
Your virtues now also apply the following boons: Justice - Might / Resolve - Regeneration / Courage - Resolve
Virtue of Retribution
You now gain Retaliation when you activate a Virtue.
Power of the Virtuous
Seal extra damage for each boon you have.

Your passive Resolve is stronger.
Extended Consecrations
Your Consecrations last longer.
Master of Consecrations
Your Consecrations recharge 20% faster.
Consecrated Ground
Your Consecrations are Ground Targeted.
Your passive Aegis triggers every 30 seconds.
Justice's Wrath
Activating Justice Burn duration is increased.
Improved Spirit Weapon Duration
Your spirit weapons last twice as long.
Elite Focus
Elite skills last longer.
Smite causes burning every 4 attacks instead of 5.
Retaliation lasts 50% longer.
Purity of Resolve
Activating your Virtue of Resolve removes three conditions.
Courage grants 3 seconds of stability.

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