Thursday, March 1, 2012

Guilds and Guild Wars 2 recruitment.

Our guild The Unnamed are recruiting for Guild Wars 2.

Recruitment Status: OPEN (Open to all races/classes.)
Region: UK/EU (Anyone outside of these regions can still apply.)
Age Requirement: Applicants must be 18 or over.
Play-style: Semi-Hardcore
Other Games: Warhammer Online, Rift and SWTOR. (A group of us also play a vast amount of Steam games... and MINECRAFT!)

About Us

The Unnamed is a European Multi-MMO guild coming to Guild Wars 2. We are a laid back guild (or as we like think of it, a community) which is full of experienced gamers. We have been playing games together as a guild since the release of Warhammer Online, and are ready to conquer Guild Wars 2!

We weren't present as a guild in the original Guild Wars but there are a few individual members who played the game over the years, including most of our officers. We're certainly not new to the series or lore, and we plan to be big and well known amongst the PvP community and the game's community in general!

A good few of us in the guild are very excited for the game, and those few of us aren't currently playing an MMO, so we thought it'd make sense to play GW2 together. This is why we're opening up recruitment, so that we can build up the ranks from a few people to a good army, big enough to show that we mean business when the game is released!

A Brief History

The Unnamed, originally a UK based guild, has been going strong for 3 years, and was formed by a group of friends and previous members of a former guild for the release of Warhammer Online. When WAR came out, our expectations of the game had not been met, leaving disappointed core members to stop playing. Instead of to find other guilds to play with, we decided to branch out and become a Multi-MMO Guild.

Core members branched out to lead division's in other big MMO's such as Aion and FFXIV, leaving the Warhammer Online Division to grow and become one of best Destruction guilds on the Karak-Norn server. Members are even present in WoW, in a merged guild in Terenas under the name Parasite.

Our Mission Statement & Goals

Our main ambitions are to establish a solid community with a friendly atmosphere, the guild's main focus will be PvP where we aim to establish a respectable reputation amongst the server vs server community.

We tend towards semi-hardcore gameplay but all player types are welcome. We want to be big but we don’t want to be elitists - we generally have a laid back approach towards the game, but when the enemy are making a push, or a dragon needs to be killed right this minute, The Unnamed intend to be ready for the task; we expect our members to aim to achieve great things but be having fun at the same time.

Players will be encouraged to be active participants in the guild but will not be forced into things.

We want to establish ourselves as one of the top guilds in the PvP community. When our server sees our guild on the battlefield we want them to say "Brilliant, The Unnamed are here. Time to kick some arse." When rival servers see us, we want them to run for cover. We want them to say "Those Unnamed are b*stards, always getting in our way, but they're some bloody good blokes."

We want to be the guild who people look up to and have respect for. We are not those freaks who raid every night and only recruit members who put in 40 hours a week. We are those guys who get the job done when it needs doing, the guys who don't get involved in community drama. We don't blow our own horns, and we seem all the greater because of it.

Additional Information

As well as a sub-section for Guild Wars 2 on our forum where we post new game info, we also run a Mumble server for us to play games together on. People are on there most nights and it's a very friendly environment full of laughter and banter. The core members for the Guild Wars 2 section are on there most nights and will usually be found playing an FPS or RTS, and we're quite friendly fellas.

We also have a full set of rules on our website which I won't fully list here, but it includes the usual rules such as no tolerance to racism or sexism, no drama and we expect members to respect each other.

How to Apply

Go to and make an account there, then go to our GW2 drop down menu where you will see an Apply button which will take you to our Application page. We will look at your app and decide within the day of you applying.

If your interested feel free to drop us an application.

We are also interested in forming alliances with other guilds to build a strong server community that can compete with the best.

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