Thursday, March 12, 2009

State of the Game, Whats coming for ORvR - Snap reaction

So Mark Jacobs has made his state of the game address.

If we get through the fluff what does he actually say.

1.2.1 also contains the initial Keep Upgrade system (more on this below), more improvements to T3 in terms of content and experience and the Combat and Careers team will give some extra loving to the Archmage, Shaman, White Lion, and Marauder, another Live Event and much more

All good, especially healer love.

We are also working on a new ORvR Influence bar which is filled by killing players and unlocks higher renown ranks in T4. We also want to improve XP, Renown and Influence Rewards for fighting other players apart from those bars.

The detail will make or break this, we will have to see what more we can learn.

We are also looking at implementing a “Nemesis” system which tracks the top 20 enemy players that kill you and which will give you rewards for hunting them down.

I can see this being very popular. I have already been thinking how best to use this system. should I pick as healers, all high renown players or players with high play times. I can see this being fun.

We want to make BOs more relevant and necessary for the Keep take to Zone Capture progression.

Interesting, with some great potential, short on actual detail

Our current plans include putting in a Keep Upgrade system that encourages guilds to claim and upgrade Keeps. These upgrades would be usage upgrades, not just visual upgrades. We are looking at giving interesting and useful things to guilds who upgrade Keeps; defense improvements, guilds rewards, etc. We also want to put in more attacker options, more attacker abilities, and experiment with new types of siege warfare. Down the ramp (a pun a day and all that) a bit, we are also working on putting in an additional ramp to the Keep Lord room in every Keep and Fortress in the game.

Could be fluff, could be great, we need to see the detail. An adtional ramp will be a great move.

players will no longer be able to bypass other players in City Selection and you will no longer have City Instances which are 40 vs. 0!

About time.

I suspect that some people may get very annoyed about the lack of detail and it does read as if Mark was backed into a corner and wrote this against his will. Overall, lots of potential and I am optomistic. Mythic do seem to be concious of flaws in the game and they are trying to address them.

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