Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A quick thanks

A quick thanks to all the GOA guys for a great night out, especially Nic and Magnus.

I hope you all made it into work.

It was great to meet the people who are going to be the communiity managers for the various forums, such as the french forum manager Madam Tullé. I think it is taking her some time to come to terms with our drinking culture.

I was very much taken with how enthusastic everyone I met was for the game and the esprit de corp(as Mde Tullé would say) was excellent. They really seem to enjoy their work and hopefully we will see that in the forums.

It was also great to meet some other bloggers and gamers on what was nerdtastic evening.


  1. Thank YOU for being there! It was really great to meet you!

    FYI "Mde Tullé" was in the office plenty in time, all fresh and happy while "Mr Tough Drinker" that made fun of him all night overslept and wasn't in the office until well after noon with a huge hangover.

    He does partially blame you for it, he muttered something about a whisky drinking contest? Oh my...


  2. I did warn him about the Whiskey....

  3. I believe I drank the most whiskey of the night.