Friday, March 6, 2009

So onward to Karak Norn

So GOA decided to merge some more servers and my server Karak Hirn is on the list.

It was a shock to lot of people.

Magnus from GOA posted the following.

Dear Hirn,
as some of you know, I've played on Hirn from day one and have first-hand experience of the unique and plainly awesome community found here. The decision to close Hirn has not been taken lightheartedly and has followed lengthy and sometimes turbulent discussions, but we all agree that something had to be done about population development on Hirn as well as our other English servers. Put plainly, they just weren't sporting the kind of populations we think we owe our players and some tough decisions had to go through.

A community consist of the players which are part of it and little else. I hope you'll all talk with your friends, guilds, alliances and foes to make sure you end up on the same server, allowing you to continue to develop the relationships you have built on Hirn over these months.


So while some fumed, others tried to do just that.

The two major destruction alliances discussed it between them, as did Order's. People took the time to learn a bit about the possible destinations.

At 8pm a large number of Order and Destruction represenatives met and discussed the transfer. Information was shared, opinions offered. It was incredibly civil and the difficulties of all particpants were catered for. In the end we opted for Karak Norn. We couldnt have done this without the cooperation of all particpants.

It was a pleasure to see "friends, guilds, alliances and foes" decide to transfer to the same server. It was great that so many different people could turn a problem into an oppurtunity.

Afterwards the fun started. We went and took some screen shots to commemorate.

Some more very good Shots and another film.



  1. While I know it amuses you to take shots at me, I didn't make the post you've linked, it's been lumped together completely out of context, and and I'm pretty sure you know that.

    Sorry you didn't get your name.

    Kill you soon.


  2. Yeah your right. Its unfair to link it since he changed it.

    I will remove the refernce

  3. Hey Tufmudda!
    Hahah, what a joy to see these screenshots and what a shame I wasn't there myself! This is an awesome initiative and these screenies will surely bring many Hirn players to tears. We'd love to post a couple of these screens on war-europe - with your permission - and naturally link to this blog article. Is that alright with you?

    Oh, and sorry about that interview - we've been very busy and I haven't got around reviewing it. I'll do it as soon I can so you can publish it!


  4. No probs on linking to this.

    You going out for a pint on the 9th?

  5. So, basicly GoA proudly announces how badly they decreasing in customer sitze? from 63 servers down to 13 i think and 4 ENG with ONE oRvR? That worth to celebrate yay!

  6. Hey,

    Just want to welcome all of you Hirn players to Norn and I hope you'll have a great time there as well!!!


    Bloodface 'Eadsmasha

  7. Come to Eltharion and see how you fked everything. Geez are you ppl blind or without clue? What are you happy about? Dont you see GoA trying to save last $$ becouse they do everything, no i mean it, EVERYTHING wrong. You think your new home will last for long? Dream on. Iv started to play on Sea of Dreams->DMB->Eltharion, now WHERE? I never saw any other MMO that fked so hard in 6 months from release. Basicly they never came out beta and never will be. Multiple destination from 1 server to anothers was only braindead decision. Enjoy you 50k subscribers worldwide nubz, and GL with other mmos you try to make and sell. And FIX your DAMN NUBZFLASH site.

  8. Oh wow those screenshots are amazing!

  9. What a crock of crap, "Yay! our server has died!" maybe Magnus should spend more time working on GOA's total lack of customer support and their crappy game rather than trying to spin server death as a good thing. Another imballanced move that will probably OP Korak Norn and have another city farming server.

  10. Welcome to Norn! High population servers of active accounts can only be a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

  11. its not goa's game its mythics!!!

    just thought i'd clear that up for some people.

    But welcome to Norn, Hirn ppls :D

  12. hello dianne/hekete/danicah here im resubbing when the servers are back up, im pretty stoked

    and mmmmm trollslayers droooooooool