Thursday, March 5, 2009

Domination system flawed?

We wanted to see what half a warband could do if they attacked at an off peak play time. So while everyone else was a sleep we locked Thunder Mountain, Caledor and Praag, differnet players took part but we never had more than 14 or 15.




Half a warband can lock 3 zones, this needs to be fixed.

Edit: It strikes me that a server transfer is potentially a fix to the issue of late night attacks. more players means greater off-peak activity.


  1. but i guess there is no defense what so ever one group of order hitting random BOs would of delayed you hours

  2. Any BO that doesn't lock down (hasn't been held for 30 minutes) stops you. A three man team could have stopped you, there just was none present.

    I agree that there's potential for difficulties. I mentioned this fact in my own analysis of the 1.2 notes. At the same time it does mean the map moves, which is more than we could say pre 1.2.

    I'm inclined to say wait a while. After all, K-H got utterly crushed last night with the transfer news, and morale might be a bit low . . .

    (How's that for an understatement?)

    Nut nice writeup on your initial experiences. I'll be linking to it.