Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Land of the Dead - PvP Skirmish

Some people have been missing the point of rvr in the Land of the Dead. They look at locking it, driving the other side out and purging a few instances and go meh.

The rvr in The land of the Dead only starts when the other side gains control.

Then you face a real challenge and a real penalty, if you die and cant get a ress your gone and out. You going to be outnumbered too as the majority of your faction are vanquished.

Over the last few days I have been in groups of 8 or so trying to fight and survive as long as possible in the zone while the enemy controled it.

Today I lasted 6 hours, some of my group lasted an hour or so longer to see the zone locked back.

The cat and mouse involved is great fun. Todays group had mostly healers which made us less than effective in attack meant we could not be weeded out as people were ressed and ran to ress others.

The few mishaps along the way added to the spice, do not attack the bitter winds PQ in Stage 3 as your attack party will be split up as they are summoned into the crypts below leading to you getting your asses kicked.

In the end I died to a rather flattering amount of effort from order.



The partial bomb squad from a solid guild guarding my corpse for the full 10 minutes, the mine field and turrets say it all for me, the dangerous renegade "Tough Boss" Snort has been vanquished but we can not lower our guard lest his evil minions revive him.( Said evil minions survived to form a 4 healer death squad and continued to find and kill order, ganked by healers the shame...)

So dont give up on LOTD, its what you make of it and you can make a lot. And finally a moral tale for all the LOTD panic naysayers.

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  1. If this is how it works on my new server, I'll be tickled with joy. The reality is, that for me, LotD really had killed PvP. If Destro ever locked it, all PvP outside of the zone ground to a screaching halt. So, if you were unfortanate enough to not be in LotD at the swap, you were S.O.L.