Friday, July 17, 2009

Nothing but the truth about the Blorc

I had to copy this and draw attention to it here. I agree with nealry every word.

Its not my work all credit goes to TLALOC.

Forgive the wall of text below. I started typing and it just poured out. Mythic has me completely pissed.
This isn't an exhaustive list of how they've screwed the pooch on this class - but it's a start.

*** STATS ***

.. Wounds and Black Orcs ..

Wounds was once our advantage over other tanks. The new cap of 1050 has stripped that from us.

We have a tactic that adds 160 Wounds. However, the cap of 1050 is reachable without this, and easily. Tactics slots are very valuable - so once you have decent gear, it is now foolish to slot our wounds tactic.

In fact, ANY ability that a Black Orc has that increases Wounds has now taken a hit under this new mechanic.

- I'm Da Biggest: already mentioned - useless once your gear is good.
- Da Biggest: If you steal Wounds and it puts you over the cap, the buff has no effect.
- Da Toughest: The Wounds proc fails to work if it would put you over the cap.

.. Stat Caps in general ..

To be blunt, Mythic has ham-fisted stat caps.

First they nerfed Str contribution, so everyone looked for the magic number where Str stops mattering and moved to Wounds.
So then they soft-cap Wounds to 1050. Guess what? We all now aim for that number and move on to Toughness.

Can't they see that they are not helping diversify our stat choices? They are locking us into cookie-cutter builds. If they want to make people start making different choices, they need to remove caps and actually make all stats do something meaningful.

.. Class skills ..

If a class has a skill that increases a stat, that skill should ignore the stat cap. Why? Because the whole waffleing point of these skills is to define your class.

If I'm supposed to be the Wounds tank, then why am I now running around with the same wounds as every other waffle tank in the game?

Let ALL classes with a stat-increasing ability use that ability to push beyond the baseline caps.

*** Armor Stacking ***

The following abilities all increase Armor for a Black Orc:

- Tuffer n' Nails
- Da Greenest (bellow proc on physical damage)
- We'z Bigger
- Armor pots

Of these abilities, the following stack:

- ...

So let me get this straight ... a Black Orc has no less than _three_ class abilities that are mutually exclusive?! Using one of these negates the usefulness of the other 2?

And if I use an Armor pot, and three of my class abilities are now useless? What kind of Busch League crap is this?! Mythic developers, anything?

*** Tactics ***

We have the crappiest tactics of all the tanks in this game, bar none. Yes, this is a bold statement - I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

Stolen from here:

Black Orc
m1 - Quit yer squabblin': 10% parry/dodge to your group for 30s
m2 - Deafening Bellow : 7s AoE (30ft) silence
m3 - Walk it off! : 120 toughness to your group for 15 seconds (!!)

m1 - Guard of steel : 120 tgh to your group for 10s (look familiar?)
m2 - Wings of heaven : Leap to your target and snare everyone around by 60% for 10s
m3 - Bladeshield : 2798 dmg shield for 10s that returns 600 dmg to attackers

m1 - Inevitable changing : 600 dmg, full AP restore
m2 - Tzeech's amplification : +300% healing on the chosen for 15s
m3 - Sprout Carapace : 504 to resists, 1320 armor, 100 ap to your group for 30s

m1 - Guardian of light : 3600 dmg absorb for 30s
m2 - No escape : 40 yard root for 10 seconds, + 600 dmg
m3 - Emperor's Champion : +240 str/tgh/wounds for 30s

Black Guard
m1 - Banish weakness : all hexes/ailments/curses removed and 300 healed + ap returned for each effect
m2 - Away cretins! : ae knockback + 600 damage
m3 - Armor of eternal servitude : 990 armor + 2400 healed over 20s

m1 - Roc clutch : 7s root + 600 dmg
m2 - Skin of iron : Immune to damage for 5s
m3 - Gromril plating : 7200 dmg absorb for 30s to your group (stronger than our rank 4 morale btw)

*** PvP Spec ***

At the moment, there is exact 1 viable spec for PvP - Brawler/Boss. Why? Because all the matters in this game is: Dmg, Healing, CC.

Dmg - Our Dmg sucks (read complete joke) if we're not Brawler spec at least to 3-hit combo.
Heal - tanks don't heal.
CC - We have exactly 1 knockdown, in the Brawler tree, requiring a 2H.

A simple solution for opening up other viable specs for a PvP Black Orc would be:

- allow Down ya Go to work with a 1h.
- Fixing Waaagh so it actually does the damage it lists, and debuffs Corp.

*** Waaagh ***

While we're on the subject, WTW is up with Waaagh? This is the friggin slogan for this waffle game, and it is STILL broken after how many months?

According to a recent grab bag (someone link it up if you can find it), this should be:
- Based on STR
- doing Corp damage

It has the same delve value as Da Big Un, and should be doing considerably more damage because
- it's Corp instead of physical
- it debuffs itself

But instead of hitting like a truck (like Da Big Un does), it hits for 1/2 the damage it should.

*** Class Mechanic ***

Da Plan is too limiting, and offers no reward for its risk. (you can apply this to SM as well)

We are limited to using 1/3 of our skills at any one time, yet the skills in Da Best Plan are no better than other skills in other tank's arsenals that DON'T require some stupid dance to get to.

We have a tactic that advances us to the Best Plan on a Parry... but they putting waffleing timers on all our Best Plan abilities, making this completely useless! Why the hell are there lockout timers on abilities like 3-hit when we already have to be in the Best Plan to use them?

Da Plan also hurts our CC more than other tanks.
Snares - plan 2
Knockback - plan 2
Knockdown - plan 3

We have no way of advancing to plan 2 without having a target and being in range for melee. So we can NEVER start an engagement with a CC like knockback - an option all other tanks (other than SM) have. In a knockback engagement like a bridge fight, we are at an insane disadvantage over other tanks.

Now if we're in Plan 2 we _can_ advance to 3 with no target by using Big Swing. We need something like this for getting from Plan 1 to 2.

A fix for this would be to add an ability (or change an existing ability) to allow it to advance the plan. What if our AP Regen Shout added to Da Plan? At least then we'd be able to start an engagement on Plan 2 or 3 once every minute.

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