Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I havent been posting lately and I promised a reader I will start again.

Well I have been playing the game again and enjoying it.

Over the last few Weeks I have been working with Shekkel to try and figure out how to get to stage 2 in the city and then so.

On Sunday after a cross alliance event we pulled it of by the skin of our teeth. A few good lessons were learned and I think we can do it again but it will be difficult. The system for locking the city is unnecessarily obtuse. Locking to stage 2 a second time will be the real test.

I have also been enjoying skirmishing in orvr. There tend to be large groups of order and destruction in certain zones but with a bit of patience you can still find a decent fight if you zone hop. The population advantage does seem to have swapped to destruction but not as badly as the alarmist would have us believe.

Finally we have been trying to improve the rank of the guild, to do this we kicked the vast majority of members and reinvite them when they log on. This has drastically increased the amount of guild xp we get. If you prune your guild of all inactive players you will begin to see why this is becoming a popular approach.

Looking forward to the expansion.


  1. I'll be more than happy to read anything you post, I happen to like your blog.

    Insomuch, I featured you as my WCPI pick for the week!

  2. Hey, said in the pub I'd send the link

  3. The secret to locking to stage 2 is winning Undercroft Scenarios in Tier 3. That is how we get their every time on Dark Crag.