Saturday, June 9, 2012

PvP Tournaments Guild Wars 2

  • Introduction:
    • If you want to play as a team with your friends, then tournaments are a great way to do that!!! Down the road we’ll have multiple types of tournaments with varying levels of rewards, but this weekend we’re showing our Free Quick Tournaments!!!
  • Maps:
    • All tournament games this weekend will be on Forest of Niflhel. Down the road, there will be more variety for maps, but for the weekend, this will be it!
  • How to join a tournament:
    • ONE MEMBER of your team should talk to the “Tournament Master” npc in the Heart of the Mists (PvP Lobby). This will start the process of making your roster!
    • Select Quick Tournament (Free) and hit “Create Roster”. Only one team member needs to do this! ?
    • The roster leader can then add friends, party members, or people in the PvP Lobby to the roster! Other members of the roster must accept the roster invite in order to join the roster. All roster members can invite additional members once they have joined.
    • Once your roster is ready (5 players total), the roster leader can press “submit” to submit your roster for the tournament.
    • Wait for your tournament to start. Once your roster is submitted for a tournament you will have a new “Tournament” icon in the top left hand corner of your screen.
    • You can mouse over this icon to see the current state of the tournament (waiting to submit roster, the number of teams submitted for the tournament, etc). We will add more info to this icon after the beta weekend!
    • Each tournament will be 8 teams and 3 rounds. If you lose you are out, but you can talk to the Tournament Master to join another tournament. If you win, you move on to the next round, until a victor is decided!
    • You will return to the lobby after each round of the tournament. If you lose, you can join a new tournament. If you win, you will be alerted when the next round begins!
    • Rewards are distributed based on performance once a tournament is complete. You will not receive rewards until the entire tournament is finished.
    • Once the tournament is ready to being, or a new round starts, you will be prompted to join. You can go immediately, or you can finish what you were doing.
    • Both teams can start a match early by making sure all 5 players from each team have checked “ready”. The game will start automatically after a certain amount of time if this does not happen, in order to keep all tournament games on the same time schedule.
  • Tournament rewards:
    • 1st place – 1 Gold Chest, 300 glory, 300 rank points
    • 2nd place – 1 Silver Chest, 200 glory, 200 rank
    • 3rd place – 1 Copper Chest, 100 glory, 100 rank points
    • 4th place – 1 Copper Chest, 100 glory, 100 rank points
    • 6th place – YOU CAN DO IT!!!
    • 7th place – KEEP AT IT, YOU ARE JAWESOME!
    • 8th place – I BELIEVE IN YOU, NOTHING CAN STOP YOU!!!!!

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