Saturday, June 9, 2012

PVP - The Crux, Choice

I have been reading the Guild wars 2 forums and I notice a common issue accross multiple threads.

Complaints I have read:

I can not queue with friends.
I have to do the tutorial every time i create a character for pvp.
I have to go into the mists to queue for pvp rather than press a button like GW2.

The responses have been less than helpful. Claiming that they are not large issues. sure they don't take time but they do however remove player choice.

It is a common theme in MMO, developers restrict choice to make things easier for themselves or so content they have an emotional connection to is not bypassed.

My solution:

Give the players the chance to choose if they want to do something.

Choose solo or grouped queuing.

Be able to Queue from mists or from the interface.

Be able to repeat or skip the tutorial.

My main critics m of the new trait system is based on this. The old system gave me more freedom. it was nerfed to suit developers inability to balance. Bring back choice.

Give you customer choice and freedom.

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