Monday, June 11, 2012

My Feedback on BWE2

Guardian In WvWvW :

Its survivable, it has good utility –Its useful to have Guardian in group – sometimes it helps a lot.
However there are issues.
Shorten cool downs on shields, walls and dome abilities. They are quite useful, but they are quite short, and on long cool downs.
Convert Wall of Reflection to a dome, to make it useful in gate sieges.

Guardian Weapons:

Mace – Shorten the casting on protector’s strike
Sceptre - 1200 range is needed
Shield - Now shields armour is too low, compared to overall armour
Staff – Make the Staff’s Line of Warding absorb projectiles. Or lower the cool down and the duration, making it an ability you can use more frequently but remain balanced.
Rework the staff a bit.
Increase the speed of orb of light.
Another suggestion for the Staff – Make the staff more like the trident in general.


Guardians really need symbols that can “move”. Maybe bound to a Guardian like an aura. The fact that the boons are applied over time is making them considerably weaker to comparable buffs from other classes. Symbols are poor for most situations. They are placed on the ground at your location and give little in terms of benefits unless you are inside of them, which means that you must stay in an area little bigger than your character to benefit from the symbol. 


This is too low for a class that will be focused a lot, Guardians are tied with the lowest base health in the game

Signet of Judgement 240 range – Way too small -> Radius of 450
Symbols 120 range – Completely Ridiculous -> Radius of 450
Protectors Strike(Mace) 130 range – Completely Ridiculous -> Radius of 300
Sanctuary 120 Range – A bit too small for a long cool down -> Radius of 200

This will make the above abilities useful and still call for the Guardian to be mobile in order to maximize his usefulness.


The honour tree traits are poorly distributed, the shout options should be available in a lower tier.
Signet of Mercy – Make Signet of Mercy heal more than one ally or lower the cool down.
The trait that gives allies 30 toughness does not stack from multiple guardians, it should.


Downed State needs to be changed for the next BWE, its very poor.

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