Friday, June 5, 2009

1.3 career fixes delayed

So patch 1.3 is being split.

The most interesting aspect is the order that the patches will come.

The game badly needs the career balance changes, but this is something that for the greater part benifits those who are still active in game. A balanced fix to AoE and crowd control would make a vast differnce in playability. If a career fix went live first those players who are still thinking about having a second look at the game would probabaly still wait for the new content to go live.


Mythic badly needs new content to encourage people to come back and try the game, a lot of DAOC players who have quit would be curious to poke about in the Land of the Dead( to see if it is darkness falls). It is my guess Mythic are betting on people resubbing to try the new content and they want those tasty subscription Euros, Dollars and Pounds as soon as possible.

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