Sunday, April 26, 2009

Long time no see

I have been back to playing Warhammer for over a week now and its time for my first post. I wanted to wait a week or so to see if I was dabbling or back playing. I am back playing.

Its short as its late but to keep it snappy.

The removal of stacking for Rain of Fire( and similar) while taking way too long to arrive has made the differnce payers thought it would. While it may be too much to suggest the game is balanced it is in a better state than it was prior to patch.

Forts are once again defendable, which gives a better dynamic, it makes off peak lock attempts lesss painful for the opposing force.

Mass rvr game performance is still rather poor.

To finish on a bright note. Logged in this evening at 5, joined an alliance warband.The situation was order in CW with one keep to go until they were at the fort and on the way to IC.

We defended the keep, took the zone, pushed them to Reikland, took the fort, moved to Thunder Mountain and pushed to Kadrin valley and the fort there, which we took.

So the evening's gaming took me from the doorstep of IC to farming in Altdorf, half of level 64 and 7 invader crest and 100 officer medals.

All in all not a bad return to warhammer.

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  1. Good to have you back mate. This latest patch has had its ups and downs, but finally it seems like the sides are much more evenly balanced with the overall down grading for the bazillions of Bright Wizards and Warrior Priests. Which makes oRvR better all round.