Sunday, April 5, 2009

Broken classes and FOTM

You know something is wrong when you see scenarios like this.

Thankfully fixes are promised.

Priest and BW


  1. Hu?

    I don't see your point here.. I've seen similar results, just with destruction doing the damage and getting renown/exp like hell.

    Of course people now dust off the bright wizards and enjoy it being overpowered, but what is this screenshot about?

  2. Out of 13 people, there's 5 brightwizards and 5 warrior priests. The result of the scenario is unimportant.

    @Snorth: You know something is wrong if you see something like this too:

  3. Wait a sec... that's from Karak-Azgal, Liteon's in my guild :P Maybe I'll see you in the battlefield Snort, I'm a WL named Arannis. ;)

  4. That's from Karak-Norn actually.

  5. @Kolapaz

    I must be missing something? Or are Zealots FOTM now?