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Guardian maths

  • Every heal skill (including the boon regeneration) is a combination of two things: LvlHeal, which is based on a ratio times your level, and a H/H Heal, which is based on another ratio (H/H) times Healing Power (HeaP).As such the Heal amount formula is: Heal= (Level*LevlHeal)+(H/H*HeaP)
Skill damage will be added once I find reliable defence stat targets.
  • The burning condition has a leveled part and a  part based on your Condition damage stat (CON). The formula is: 4*Lvl +0.25CONdmg This is the dmg per second.
  • For PvP, this means burn does 320+0,25CON damage per second.
  • The real formula for the boon regeneration is Heal per tick=1.625*Lvl+0.125HeaP. Do not believe the wiki at the moment, you can do the math yourself if you doubt.
From this point on, all heal data is based on lvl 80 characters.


The cooldowns in the tooltips of the virtues are unaffected by the Virtue Recharge Rate you get from the virtue trait line . The cooldowns themselves work as meant.
Virtue of Resolve: Both parts improve with Healing Power(HeaP). Passive Heals for 84+0,06HeaP every 3s. Active Heals for 1625+0,75HeaP. Check out the General section for explanations.
  • Radiance5:Justice is blind: when activating Justice, nearby foes are blinded for 3s.
  • Radiance15:Renewed Justice: Justice recharges on killing a foe. Valid foes include: Pets, minions, ........
  • Valor15:Courageous Return: Virtue of Courage is recharged when you rally. This does not happen if you simply regenerate your health back, and that is intentional, you need to kill or assist to rally.
  • Virtues5:Inspired Virtues: Virtue activations grant you boons which are 5s long.
  • Virtue15: Virtue of Retaliation: You gain 3s of Retaliation when activating a Virtue
  • VirtueVII: Supreme Justice: When activating Justice, the burn duration is increased by 25% (to 5s)
  • VirtueIX: Absolute Resolve: Virtue of Resolve's passive effect is 25% stronger.Does not work with HonorXII:Boosts passive effect

Basic symbology: the damage and/or heal indicated on your tooltip is sometimes the total amount, divide it by the amount of seconds if you want to know the effect per tick. Ticks are 1 per second, starting immediatly after cast. The boons/conditions are applied during every tick, so the total effect time can be longer than indicated.

Symbols' damage ticks are weapon attacks from the weapon which made them, which means they use Justice's attack counter, power, precision, critical damage increase, your weapons strength values, your weapon rune and weapon related traits.

All symbols are Fields of Light for Combo purposes. This means they all give the same effects:
  • When blasted (Hammer, Focus)they give you and allies around you retaliation for 3s.
  • When leaped FROM (Greatsword) you get 5s of retaliation
  • ­ When fired through, the projectile will remove a condition (if the target was friendly)
  • When whirled in (Greatsword), all allies around you lose a condition
The symbols are the only combo enablers the Guardian possesses; as such I advise Guard to carry one of the three weapons with symbols in their skillbar (Mace, Staff, Greatsword)
The four symbols are nearly identical; the big difference is in which buff they give.
  • Symbol of Mace:Regeneration. In the tooltip, the healing amount shown bases its calculations on 4s of regeneration, but in total it is 5s. The heal is 25% better than shown (when in the symbol the whole time). The Heal uses regeneration, see gerenal formulas. The damage tooltip shows damage per tick.
  • Symbol of Greatsword: Retaliation.Gives a total of 5s retaliation in ticks of 1s. The retaliation can be lengthened by comboing with leaps or whirls(greatsword has those). The damage tooltip shows total damage.
  • Symbol of Staff: Swiftness.Gives a total of 12s swiftness, although you probably won't be in the symbol the whole time. Damage shown is per tick.
  • Symbol of Protection: Can only be obtained through ZealIII. Gives 1s Protection for 3 ticks. Your weapon's damage does not affect this symbol's damage, although Pwr does. I think there is a hidden weapon that applies this symbol. Further testing is needed to discover the stats of this hidden weapon.
And now for the traits you''ll be interested in if you like symbols:
  • Zeal5:Zealot's speed: Creates a Symbol of Retaliation when you reach 25% health.
  • Zeal15:Symbolic Exposure:Symbols apply 1%vulnerability for 3s to foes every tick
  • Zeal25:Symbolic power: Increase symbol damage by 10%
  • ZealIII:Protector's impact: Creates a symbol of protection when you take falling damage. See above. Falling dmg is reduced by 50%or more
  • HonorIII:Writ of Exultation: Increase size of symbols. This seems to make them about 33% larger in radius.
  • HonorVII: Writ of Persistance: Increase duration of symbols by 40%
  • HonorX:Writ of the Mercifull: All symbols heal allies for 117+0.075HeaP per second.

Virtues (notably Justice) have no effect on Spirit Weapons
  • ­­­RadianceV:Searing Flames: Remove a boon when you apply burning. Does work on your Spirit Weapons when coupled with Radiance VIII:A fire Inside: Your Spirit Weapons apply burning. Does not work with your Allies' part of Justice activation.
more coming


The Torch skill Zealot's Flame sets people near you aflame for 8s in total, if they are near you during the 3rd second of the skill. A warning sign though, near means in melee range here.
Check general formulas for information about the burning condition.

  • Honor1:IWrathful Spirit: Aegis gives 10s of retaliation when it ends.
  • HonorVI:Pure of Heart: Aegis heals for 645+0.1HeaP on removal*
  • HonorVIII:Empowering might: Gives you and allies around you Might  for 5s every time you land a critical hit
  • Virtue25:Power of the Virtuous: Deal 0,5% extra damage for each boon you have...This one needs more testing
  • VirtueVIII:Elite Focus: Elite spells last 50% longer
  • AoE-Cone skills that buff allies have no effect on you unless they say so.

How to figure out the math to heal spells:
If possible, lower your HeaP to 0. Write down the Heal. Then add HeaP and divide the difference in Heal by the amount of HeaP to get the H/H. Add the leveled heal to the H/H times HeaP to get Heal
When this is not possible, use the H/H to figure out what the Heal should be at HeaP 0, then use that as leveled heal.
All my Healing amounts are based on lvl 80 characters, if you want to know the amount for your level, divide the first number bij 80 then multiply that with your level.

When testing for ability damage, be sure to factor only power first; keep weapon damage  constant while you change power.Don't use the attack rating to calculate the ratio's, divide the damage increase by the power increase. This is the PwrR ratio every skill has.
Do all your damage testing on a target that has reliable and known defence stats. Will be completed once reliable defence stats are found.
Alsways use steady weapons (available at the weapon merchant) when testing for damage.

My favorite spot to test is the dummies next to the Underwater Trials waypoint in The Heart of the Mists. It has the dummies, an easy place to test falling/healing, AI profession guys, and random people attacking them I can heal.
Plus you might find me there of course.

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