Friday, August 17, 2012


Protector's strike and shelter are no longer stationary skills.

With the change to Defender's Flame, 100% chance to cause a burning condition to attackers is huge now.  You can now utilize Shelter (2s), Zealot's Defense (3s), and weapon swap to Scepter/Focus and use Shield of Wrath (4s, 3 attacks).  The potential to have 9 seconds of blocking while putting out good damage and still providing group abilities is huge.

A quick build that focuses around burning looks like this: 

  • Retaliation was too strong, nerf was to be expected. However, after cutting the duration to 50% the trait could have stayed as it was imo.
  • You can move with a tome - great
  • Sword damage decrease - understandable and still good enough.
  • Virtue of Resolve nerf - was it too strong? Does anybody know how much it heals compared to the former version (in %)?
  • Shout range nerf - Somehow I like it, with 1,200 range shouts seemed to be too easy to use imo but on the other hand I don't think they deserved a nerf and I can't understand why Warrior's shouts keep their range while the Gaurdian's get their range halved.
  • The "new" staff (didn't play Guard since 1st beta) is fun, combining #4 with Altruistic Healing offers decent self-healing.
  • Never used sanctuary but it was annoying to play against it as a melee. Duration nerf would be fine if they also lowered the CD. Seems a bit weak now.
The Difference of 500 Armour is about 18% vs direct damage.

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