Monday, July 23, 2012

Guardian BWE3 ,very fast few thoughts, no proof reading.

If you are alone, you almost certainly shouldn’t activate the middle virtue unless it gets rebalanced to be actually useful. However, all that changes in a group, where activations get much more powerful because they scale directly with the number of allies they affect

As for what Guardians excel at? Staying power. We make those hot moments were your enemy is breathing on the nape of your neck last longer. We serve as a toll gate to a blitzkrieg. We increase our friends performance. Stumbling upon a Guardian in the battlefield is like discovering a leech has crawled inside your pants. You’re going to stop. You’re going to spend a lot of time dealing with us, and you might not survive the ordeal

Our ranged got a huge buff this BWE…we now have viable 1200 range weapons.

Guardian can be a really good support in WvW and they aren’t just buff bots. Some things about WvW Guardians (at least for Staff and Scepter + Shield):
1.      Scepter 1 has really good range. It can also be used for taking out Siege equipment on high ground.
2.      Scepter 2 doesn’t do much damage, but it can also be used for hitting people on ledges, or taking out Siege equipment coupled with Scepter 1.
3.      Scepter 3 = great Immobilize. In WvW and in a decent team, using this on a target usually means that target will die.
4.      Shield 5 = amazingly versatile skill. Can be used to protect building Siege equipment or Resing. Can be used to ensure a target dies (Scepter 3 Immobilize, run in front, then Shield 5 knock them back to your teammates). Can be used to protect your allies by knocking enemies away. It’s also good for protecting your Siege equipment on ledges by knocking the enemies off. I think Shield 5 absorbs Cannon damage as well.
5.      Staff 1 = a really good AoE. The AoE of this basic attack is actually quite huge. The AoE of Greatsword 1 and Hammer 1 can’t compare to the AoE size of Staff 1. Each hit is pretty low damage, but it’s very easy to hit 3-5 people each time. Staff 1 is also pretty good at hitting people running away from you, as it actually has pretty good range. Staff 1 AoE is just surprisingly wide. It might be better to disable auto-target to maximize the AoE though, as it depends on the direction you face. Also, I’ve found Staff 1 a really good counter to Sylvari’s Grasping Vines, as the Staff 1 AoE can kill the Vines a lot faster than the Vine’s duration (Staff 1 actually damages them in AoE, whereas Scepter attacks will be obstructed).
6.      Staff 3 = a Symbol-based Swiftness buff. I’m pretty sure there is no 5 person limit due to it being a Symbol, so it’s extremely powerful in WvW for mass mobility.
7.      Staff 4 has a pretty good AoE Heal. It can help a lot, but the cast time is really long, so you gotta pre-cast it.
8.      Staff 5 has some pretty good utility, but the slow cast time can make it hard to utilize effectively (you gotta pre-position yourself / pre-cast it). It’s quite good for blocking off enemy retreat paths though.

Signet of Mercy – It is severely unbalanced compared to revive abilities on other professions with a 240s cooldown (Lower the cooldown.).

The One-Hand Sword is the best Offensive weapon you could use since it has the biggest damage and crit if traited right. Well done on this one ! If there is any new guardians looking on how to play offensive 1-H Sword/Shield is the way to go and I’d recommend a Staff as a offhand for swiftness.

The Torch Off-hand is a bit too offensive for my taste, probably the best OH for pure offensive build but that 4th skill is lacking something I can’t get my finger on it but its wrong.

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